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The Year Of__

The Year of Knowing Your Customers

The Value Exchange is the magic that comes from engaging with your customers about an overarching campaign, thanks to them opting in during the use of your platform. Our goal? to get all your customers onto your loyalty program through helping you mould your own Value Exchange, thanks to the launch of Airship Rewards. 

The Year of Automation & Personalisation

From day one, Airship helps you build customer profiles, understand behaviours, and trigger communications based on context in order creates relationships with your customers.
Unlike other CRMs, we charge based on locations, not the volume of emails you send.
Meaning we encourage you to build multiple highly personalised customer journeys - without hefty invoices.

The Year of
Driving New Visits

PoP (Proof of Presence) is Airship's metric that allow's you to understand the frequency of visits for all your customers, from all available data sources.
It’s pretty smart. We then drop your visitors  into segments, which will help you understand who they are, plus when and where they visit, so that you can create personalised automations that encourage return visits. 

The Year of Rocketing
Your ROI

We are building a brand-spanking
new insight dashboard that’ll help
you understand your customers
in a much deeper way, drilling down
into what makes them tick.

The Year of Learning

This year, we will be continuing our series of Flight Plan, as well as introducing even more training by industry experts.
Broken up into bitesize sessions, these monthly plans will be recorded and published through our blogs so you can refer back to them when you need support or ideas.

The Year of Being a Better Marketeer

Marketeers in hospitality have
the widest roles and seem to pick just about every task that doesn’t have an owner.
In 2022, we are going to build
the tools and provide the help
for your to become a better