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Create an event

Set up an event and create a ticket on Toggle. Once added to your Toggle store, you can sell tickets straight away with imagery, limited availability, add-ons, location information and much more.

It's all in one place

Toggle Tickets makes all of your event tech headaches: non-existent.

It's all in one place so, there's no need for new hardware, joining up other software or going through extensive team training.

Flat rate winners

If you're on the flat rate payment scheme - you won't lose money from us taking commission (because we won't take it).

Why? Because we want you to win. Simple.

Introducing: Toggle Tickets

Toggle Tickets is bitesize ticketing for your hospitality events!

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30 days free - No set-up cost.


What is Toggle Tickets?

Toggle Tickets allows you to sell tickets online for your event. Guests will be able to access their tickets online for redemption on the door.

How do guests use their ticket?

Guests will arrive at your venue and show their ticket code / QR code from their smartphone.

How much is Toggle Tickets?

Take a look at our pricing here.

Do I have to use ‘standard’ Toggle to get Toggle Tickets?

You do. Toggle Tickets is what we call a ‘Booster’ to Toggle. It’s an additional feature, so you’ll need to sign up to Toggle to use Toggle Tickets.

How do guests access their ticket?

Guests will be able to access their tickets online through a unique link in an email. So, as long as they have a device with connection to the internet, they’ll be able to access them.