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Allow your brand champions to bring the guests in for you.

Heighten your footfall for years to come; through encouraging your existing customer base to invite their friends and family.

Low (risk) and behold!

Toggle champions means running a referral campaign that is quite simply: risk-free. From the Toggle gift vouchers you've issued, you'll only be investing once the vouchers have been redeemed...

Which means by the time your costs are spent, you're most likely already making the money back, from an in-venue guest!

Easy reporting means trackable ROI.

Your toggle insight dashboard enables you to directly track and measure the success of your refer-a-friend campaigns, so you can report back how much they've spent.


30 days free - No set-up cost.

Introducing: Toggle Champions

Toggle Champions: turn the friends of your friends, into customers 🥳

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How a Toggle referral scheme will work


Issue a gift card, alongside a personal referring code. The champion will give out their code to friends and family: in order to encourage them to sign up to your mailing list.


Once the sign-up redeems a gift card (with whatever value you have chosen), they can then spend this in your store. Once it's redeemed; our till integrations will prompt a card (with whatever value you chose when setting up the initial campaign) to be sent to the Champion, as a thank you for bringing in a new guest.


The Champion and The Sign-Up can then keep expanding your universe for you (whilst being rewarded themselves).


What is Toggle Champions?

Toggle Champions is technology that allows you to set up a refer-a-friend scheme for your hospitality business that issues monetary value to guests that can then be redeemed with you.

What protection do these schemes have?

Guests will arrive at your venue and show Champions can’t sign up to their own scheme. We only allow one sign up each scheme per person, validated with 2-factor authentication on email address and mobile. You can turn a scheme off at any time.

How do guests use their card?

If you’re familiar with Toggle, then the redemption method is just the same as a gift card. We integrate with loads of platforms for redemption. If we don’t you can use our standalone ‘POS Mode’ on any device to redeem in-venue.

How does it work?

After configuring your scheme, you encourage your guests (or ‘Champions’) to sign up to become a referrer. Once they’ve signed up, they receive a personalised URL they use to share with their network. Anyone signing up to a Champion’s scheme receives a gift card. Upon redemption of that card, the Champion receives a monetary reward on their own card.

Do I have to use the 'standard' Toggle to get Toggle Champions?

You do. Toggle Champions is what we call a ‘Booster’ to Toggle. It’s an additional feature, so you’ll need to sign up to Toggle to use Toggle Champions.

How much is Toggle Champions?

Take a look at our pricing here.