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Powerful, flexible, successful.

Toggle offers flexibility and control to rollout campaigns to stimulate sales with three core functions.

Added Value

It just sounds great doesn't it? Pay £20 and get £30 to spend. Run irresistible added value campaigns by flipping the traditional discount on its head. Pick any monetary value or percentage, and then allow your marketing wizardry to wrap it up in a slick campaign.


Tried and tested. Offering a gift card at a discount is an incredible way to incentivise revenue upfront and get that visit - you’ll still see the uplift in spend when they do. Choose a percentage or fixed amount, and let your marketing genius come up with the rest.

Free of Charge Cards

Prizes, giveaways, customer service, revisit incentives, campaigns, charitable giving - we’ve seen some amazing uses of the ability to issue value right from the dashboard.

Sounds good?

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