#ComeBackStrong 🔥 Fireside Chat with The Advanced Sales Network

February 5, 2021

As part of our #ComeBackStrong campaign, we're launching the Friday Fireside Chat (minus the fire) - a series of 10-minute conversations with some of the brightest brains in hospitality.

First up, it's our CEO Dan Brookman chatting with Rupert Macfarlane, founder and MD of The Advanced Sales Network, about pre-booking and how the public is likely to interact with hospitality operators in a post-pandemic world.

👉 Register for the upcoming #ComeBackStrong webinar with Rupert on Thursday 18 February here. It is the first in a series of hospitality masterclass sessions: www.usetoggle.com/come-back-strong-masterclass-training-series

👉 Find out more about #ComeBackStrong here: www.usetoggle.com/come-back-strong