December 2, 2021

Toggle has been nominated for 'The Innovation Award' at the Restaurant Marketer and Innovator Awards!

Toggle has been nominated for The Innovation Award at the Restaurant Marketer and Innovator Awards. 

Toggle, the hospitality commerce platform, was launched in October 2018 with the goal to demystify and simplify everything involved with operating gift cards in hospitality. From the first tentative sales, we are now working with the best hospitality brands in the UK with over £32,000,000 of sales through the platform, having innovated and thrived through a pandemic.

We have diversified out from Gift Cards, and began enabling our Togglers to sell: pretty much whatever they like. This began with From Franco Manca selling their branded T-shirts, to Temper selling a ‘bottomless red-wine’ experience. We no fulfil physical card’s and pre-packaged hampers for our Togglers: from designing them, right through to delivering them. 

We’ve additionally partnered with over 40+ different tech platforms to be more agile, diverse and seamless for all our users. Covid created a window in time for hospitality tech suppliers to come together, and create stronger, more innovative partnerships, that has since allowed Toggle to build a powerful technological ecosystem. This innovation in partnerships is something we take pride in, and has made Toggle more powerful than stand alone tech ever could. 

For this, we want to thank our Togglers and partners, for pushing us and continuing to make our platform better and more innovative. This award is simply us riding on the back of your genius. So here’s to you!