July 6, 2022

June's Pinch Punch

Pinch Punch: Summer this, Summer that β˜€οΈ

Things got a bit hectic - it's safe to say, under the summer sun, we broke a sweat or two! πŸ˜…

Here are a few highlights πŸ‘‡

πŸ“ We saw 28 new brands signing up to Airship & Toggle, including Oakman Inns & Restaurants Ltd, Vine Hotels, NQ64 Arcade Bars LTD, Tequila Mockingbird, Nobu Hospitality USA (yes, Nobu across the US of A), LionHearth Pub Co, The Fat Boar co, Tattu Restaurants, Little Fish, & Oche.

πŸ“ We also saw 28 (snap!) hospitality brands complete their onboarding and go live. Including Fazenda, Village Hotels, Urban Guild, CALLOOH CALLAY GROUP, New Dawn Pubs, Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd., Hell Yeah Hospitality Group, IbΓ©rica Restaurants, East London Pub Co. , Ghetto Golf and many more!

πŸ“ We had a new superstar joining the team, in James Dalgarno - joining our ever growing Product team.

πŸ“ We saw some great product offerings and innovation from our Togglers for Father’s Day, resulting in a surge in sales in the week leading up to the big day. It fell a little short of our forecasts, but hats off to the sector for taking it into consideration during a bit of a tricky time!

πŸ“ 2.3 million guest interactions were recorded on Airship, with a whopping 17m emails sent through the platform. Over on Toggle, our Togglers smashed it with another Β£1 million month.

πŸ“ 17 platform updates released across Airship and Toggle, including our new integration with HLS on Airship and our new WooCommerce plugin for Toggle.

πŸ“ LOTS OF EVENTS: UK Summer Conference, Propel Leaders Dinner, and the Ann Elliott organised Female Leaders & Entrepreneurs Conference (a favourite of our team)

πŸ“ One particularly busy team day/night out at Clays, The Rum Kitchen, Hijingo AND Callooh Callay, all in one night. Too much mezcal, and now missing some memories.

πŸ“ With the good weather came the rebirth of our Walk Wednesdays - just a shorty this time to get us back in the groove.

πŸ“ We hosted 2 episodes of a new Flight Plan with 2Forks - our most attended so far with over 30 passengers. It discussed how to set up simple & powerful automated journeys within Airship.

June seems to have lasted a minute - let's hope our July achieves just as much!πŸ₯³