July 5, 2021

June's Pinch Punch

June! ☀️

Here at Airship and Toggle, we are making the most of the summer sun and looking forward to what the end of restrictions means for hospitality. But, to go forwards, we must look back. So, here is some of our June highlights:

📈29 new customers joining us across Airship & Toggle, with the likes of Ask Italian, Zizzi, Welcome Break, Hubbox, Flamingo Cafes , Everards, Anglia Restaurants, OHH Pub Company and Maray all going live
📈We welcomed 3 brilliant new team members! Bryony has become our first-ever Partnerships Manager! Rachael has joined our Customer Success Team, dedicated to helping you maximize Toggle and Airship’s potential. And finally, Anthony, who joined our award-winning development team, after spending years with our good friends, Zonal . Great to have you guys join us - here's to the future 🥂
📈We won the “Innovation Award’ and the Digital Growth Awards - thanks to our continued support to the Hospitality Industry 🏆
📈 More ‘Walk Wednesdays’ were had (including a team sprint to the train, which was later missed). We also had a brilliant night out to Furnace & Lane 7, where ...
📈… There were too many drinks 🍹
📈… We saw some questionable bowling skills 🎳
📈… and questionable 1 am vegetarian pizza was ordered, from an even more questionable kebab shop. 🥴
📈Father’s Day sales for Toggle were phenomenal. Congrats to all our Togglers for all their successful campaigns - we were blown away by the creative and innovative ways you used the platform (maybe you guys should have won the award!)😎

Reopening may not have happened, but that definitely didn't stop our sector from coming back stronger than ever! The positivity and drive of all hospitality continues to fuel us at Airship HQ. We are still keeping our fingers crossed for July 19th 🤞