March 2, 2022

February's Pinch Punch

February- more like, Feb-u-ready for our monthly Pinch Punch post? 🎉

Our second month of the year is done and we are feeling nostalgic, after a fantastic month all around. We saw a bunch of new operators go live and sign up to both our platforms, as well as using both of them with crazy innovation for the first gifting day of the year: Valentine’s. ❤️ Without further ado, here are some of our Feb highlights:

📈 We welcomed a range of new customers, including: Neat Burger, Tattu Restaurants, Wayland's Yard, Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd., UNITY-BARS&Blacklock.

📈 As well as this, the likes of PATTY&BUN, Kaspa's Desserts, Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa, Afrikana Kitchen, Lima, Country Creatures&Carousel Group completed their onboarding & went live.

📈 We had a total of 21 in-person meetings! Without wanting to sound like a broken record, the novelty of doing these after COVID has not worn off. It's always great to see the sector out in person - so please get in touch if you fancy a face to face meeting!

📈 One Airship ladies night out, visiting Mrs Riot and painting the town #F9665A (Airship Red), something of which we shall say no more… isn’t that right @Kelly, Georgina, Lorna & Luci?

📈 We attended and sponsored Competitive Socialising, where our CEO, @Dan Brookman, ran a fantastic panel discussing the evolution of experiences! Big shout out to Jade Craig for setting up a truly amazing event.

📈 2 brand spanking new websites went live too - Check out Airship: and Toggle here:

Finally, IF it was a leap year, our Better Together campaign would have gone live… which is good enough of an excuse for it to be included in this month's review! We are launching our Better Together campaign, and giving one of our platforms away for FREE until June 1st for anyone signing up to both - want to know more? Drop us a line at: