What you need to do to set yourself up selling gift card and experiences

October 3, 2020

It can seem a bit of a daunting task, but it's not so bad. The following four paragraphs are the basic steps.

Well, this is a blog from Toggle, so it'd be rude to tell you anything but to start by signing up to Toggle and following the steps to create your webshop, add your gifts, configure your sites and link your payment provider.

Tell your EPOS company you’re setting up with Toggle if we integrate with them. If not, don’t worry, you can redeem gifts straight away with Toggle POS Mode.

Shout about your new gifts and experiences with a link to your shop.

Make sure your staff know that you’re selling gift cards, and what to do if someone comes in to redeem one. Either dealing with it through your integrated EPOS, or using Toggle POS Mode.

From a customer's perspective, however, how does it work?

The Customer Journey

A customer finds your Toggle gift card shop (it’s completely branded to look like you) from your website, a link in an email, social - anywhere you advertise it.

They’ll browse the excellent gifts and experiences you have to offer, choose which one (or more) they’d love to give, and purchase it just like they would anything else online.

The order comes through to your Toggle dashboard. If you’ve set up physical gift card (optional), then you’ll have to swipe the card to assign a unique code to it, and send it out in the post. If they’ve bought a digital gift, everything is handled for you straight away. An email with their unique code in will be sent to whatever email address they’ve specified.

When the lucky recipient comes in to redeem their gift, they present either a physical or digital gift card. If we’re integrated with your tills, swipe (physical) or punch in the number (digital) and your till will bring up the details and you can take off the desired value. If we don’t integrate with you tills, fire Toggle POS Mode up on your tablet, and redeem the desired value on there before taking off the same amount on your till for the transaction.

And that’s the basics of the journey done. There’s loads more clever little stuff that you can do with Toggle, but that’s the bones of the journey. So - it’s Q&A time. We’ll start with you Sir in the corner, yes you, the finance guy.