March 18, 2022

What our Togglers are doing for motherly love

What our Togglers are doing for motherly love

With Mother’s Day being just over a week away, our Togglers are doing some real mother-loving.

Many Togglers have already smashed it out the park, in the run up to the second (chronologically) biggest gifting day of 2022. We saw so many campaigns and collections go live back in February for Valentines, and now, instead of the lovers, this time it's the Mother’s.

(With a week to go, It's not too late if you are yet to start a Mother’s Day gifting campaign,amongst some of these are things you can get up and running with super quick turn around.)


Tigerlily, of Edinburgh fame, have set up a Mother’s Day collection. ‘Collections’ is a feature on Toggle that will allow you to create a category within the webstore, resulting in simple and effective navigation, directing a customer to a specialised promotion or bundle.

They have bundled together retail products and experiences, WOW. What a gift. Their brand champions can now treat their mums to an afternoon tea, and walk away with either a gin pack or a 50cl bottle of Tigerlily’s very own gin! (fulfilled by Toggle HQ)


Here is something you can do to get a campaign started quickly. Turn an existing gift card into a branded one. The Botanist have taken their monetary gift card and labelled it ‘Mum-in-a-million’. 

We saw loads of togglers do this for Valentines Day, which was a surefire way for gifting success. It’s a five minute job to do and will really capture the shoppers interest.

Double Tree by Hilton, Sheffield

Sorry to bring her up - but after Miss Rona, the consumer wants experiences. It’s what everyone is talking about in the sector. With the squeeze on household incomes, customers are looking for something that’s exceptional, not just special. 

The Hilton, in our hometown of Sheffield, are running a promotion on their Toggle store, allowing someone to gift their mother ‘Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Fizz’

...  Which also would have been a great campaign for Valentines, but that's all we will say.

P.S  A great thing about experiences - is that you don't have to HAVE to start from scratch, Are you already doing bottomless brunch? A steak night for two? Afternoon tea? Upload this package to your toggle store and advertise it as a Mother’s Day promotion! 

Shepherd Neame

If you haven't heard, Airship and Toggle work better together. Using your CRM and Gifting platforms together is a guaranteed way to boost engagement, retention and revenue. 

Check out the email below, where you’ll see Shepherd Neame use Airship to promote their Toggle Mother’s Day card! If you don’t fancy rebranding a card entirely, this may be the alternative for you!

Rebranded Cards 

At this stage of the game, Rebranded Cards are probably going to be your go to. Check out the stores below for inspiration: 

Zizzi -

Florist - 

Want help getting your gift off the ground? Reach out to our CS team to see how we can help: