January 22, 2024

Toggle Time 3: Snow me the money! Copy

Toggle Time 3: Snow me the money! Copy

‘Tis the season once again, it’s Toggle Time 3 - and as the tagline suggests, this year is all about making sure our Togglers see as much money passing through their Toggle shops as possible during November & December

There’s a lot of it to go around, with £27 million of Toggle gift cards due to be purchased over the space of 8 weeks. That’s almost half a million pounds a day on average. Over 60% of all hospitality gifting purchases happen between November 1st and New Years Eve. 

So what are we hoping to achieve by making lots (and lots) of noise as the festive season approaches? Our aim is pretty simple:

  1. To make the conversation around gifting, and gifting strategy a priority across all hospitality brands this year. There’s too much money on the table to leave it until the last minute.
  1. To help highlight the simplest strategies to maximise sales. This is our 6th year at it, and we now work with almost 500 hospitality brands. We want to share the most efficient methods we’ve learnt to drive more eyeballs to your Toggle Shop.

How are we going to achieve this?

In this blog are the headlines of what we’ve learned over the past couple of years as well as the actions we believe that all hospitality brands should take before Black Friday (Nov 24th). 

But we’d like to offer you up our support in whichever way works best for you, so:

  • We’re running a weekly masterclass every Tuesday morning at 11am, where all are welcome (regardless of if you are a toggle customer or not). Where we will run through which strategies & actions have proved most successful - as well as a live demo showing you how to activate these within your Toggle Dashboard. 

You can sign up to whichever session works best for you, here.  Click here

  • Or if you prefer to read through these things at your own leisure, you can download our PDF with a full summary of what we learnt in 2022, and what this tells us you should be focusing on in 2023. Jam packed with facts, figures & forecasts. More statistics than you could shake a candy cane at. 

You can download the PDF by clicking here

  • Or, if you want the full Toggle Time 3 experience, you can sit back (on your own or as a team) and watch Sam and Dan, our CCO & CEO, talk through the Toggle Time 3 slides in full fancy dress. ‘The Director's Commentary’, sharing their own insights & experiences of what works best at this time of year, and what you should be focused on as a priority.

You can watch the full masterpiece, here

Whichever way you choose to digest our six top tips for supercharging your winter windfall, we look forward to seeing you all putting them into action. If we could ask for one gift this Christmas, it would be that you pass this content on to your fellow marketers within hospitality, and share the love this festive season. 

Ok, for those of you still reading - who haven’t found yourself stolen away by any of the links above, let’s start sharing some golden nuggets of our own here.