March 24, 2023

Toggle Tickets: Drive your Revenue!

Toggle Tickets: Drive your Revenue!

These tickets were redeemed so fast, we call it Lewis SCAN-ilton 🏎️

We launched Toggle Tickets not too long ago, and the first Toggler to take it out for a spin was @F1®Arcade

These guys have been using Toggle since November 2022 and they have been driving the revenue they bring in through gifting ever since. On top of the digital gift cards and physical gift cards, they now are using toggle to sell, manage and redeem their tickets.

On top of F1®Arcade’s swifty cocktail menu, incredible atmosphere and their driving simulator allowing guests to race wheel to wheel in a range of event formats. 

On 5th March, they ran a ‘Bahrain Viewing party’ at their London venue! Through their brilliant marketing minds and relentless advertisement through socials and more, they sold out the 600 capacity event. 

From Toggle Tickets alone, F1®Arcade brought in £18300, but the guarantee of 424 Formula 1 fans in-venue, buying a shot for each time a racer overtakes their own teammate… well that’s just good business.

And once their ticketholders arrived? Well, the tech was all sorted by yours truly! The POS Mode mechanic we designed to work as a universal EPOS. This means F1®Arcade could redeem the tickets to their events with no need for additional hardware. All it takes is for them to login to their toggle account and access POS mode in order to scan and redeem tickets. (Toggle’s development team: take a bow)

They’ve told us that their existing method of buildings guestlist is ‘quite arduous’, so they’re going to be trialling our QR scanning for tickets, while operating a Guestlist for all their FOC guests! Exciting to see them build their methods using Toggle tech!

A huge well done to F1®Arcade’s 1st place win!