November 7, 2021

Toggle for Good. How the platform is being used during Covid-19.

Toggle for Good. How the platform is being used during Covid-19.

It’s been quite a tricky few weeks and we, like many businesses, have needed to adapt to the changes that Covid-19 has brought about. It’s far from over, but we are seeing some green shoots across the industry as operators find new ways of engaging with their customers.

The overriding thing we see is the tremendous amount of good that has been done, and we’re delighted the role our platforms have played in that. So, let’s get into a few amazing examples of the great activity our Togglers have been doing.

Pay It Forward

Pay It forward is nothing new, however it's really come into the fore during the crisis. We anticipate it will become a staple going forwards for businesses to do good in their communities.

The concept is simple. You create a product that your customers can purchase to be forwarded on to community causes. The purchaser does not receive a gift for themselves, but rather offer a donation for you then to pass on.

This could be anything from a simple monetary donation, or utilising your service by purchasing food or drink to local hospitals. We’ve seen some amazing examples used amongst Togglers and not only is it great for PR, it’s made a genuine positive impact to the community and recipient.

Crust Brothers

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 17.29.19.png

Crust Brothers were quick off the mark. In the opening few days of the crisis prior to lockdown, they quickly activated with Toggle, raised £2290, added 20% of value themselves out of their own pocket, and delivered 300 pizzas to their local hospitals.

CrustBros’ successful Pay-it-Forward delivering pizzas to local hospitals went down a storm!

Rewarding our Heroes

Toggle allows you to quickly generate free of charge (FOC) gift cards, which can be used for a load of different things, but Turtle Bay are running a fantastic campaign on their social channels to reward key workers. People are asked to nominate key workers on social media, and the winners (chosen at random) will be sent a £20 gift card to enjoy when they re-open.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 17.29.35.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 17.29.46.png

Employee Emergency Care Fund

The Culpeper quickly launched a care fund for their team with all proceeds of the gift card sales being passed on to help team members who were left in a financially tricky situation.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 17.30.04.png

How can toggle help you help others?

Set up and sell gift cards within an hour. Let’s start at the beginning of the Toggle journey. When you join us, the journey you’ll take from sign up through to selling your first gift card can be done - and has been done many times - within the time it takes you to do your daily exercise. It’s quick and it’s simple.

After setting up a payment gateway and branding your webshop, your webshop URL is ready to post onto your website and your social channels. Easy!

We make this process simpler for you in a variety of ways:

Toggle is self-service, with much of it ready to go out the box. For example, the automated emails that purchasers and recipients of your gift cards get are pre-done. So if you’re happy with the copy we have in place, leave it as it is!

Our Customer Success Team will help you along the way. They’ll offer advice and answer any questions you have. They can help create your webshop. If you want a quick chat send a message directly from your Dashboard. For a more in-depth discussion or demo ask for a screen share call and we’ll showcase you the platform.  

We have an Academy full of support articles. We continually document every part of Toggle and how to use it, so you’ve always got the information you need. For light reading, head over to our Academy page and search for anything about Toggle.

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