March 9, 2022

The Things Our Togglers Do For Love

The Things Our Togglers Do For Love

Valentine’s Day was declared the first big gifting day of 2022. By us. 💝

And boy, did our Togglers embraced it. We saw Togglers smashing sales for Valentine’s Day promotions - and it would break our heart not to show them to you. In no particular order:

Cosy Club have created a series of fantastic rebranded monetary e-gift cards: “Sorry you’re single’, ‘Desert is better than any man’ and ‘A treat for an absolute treat’ are our office favourites. Take a look here:

Orocco Pier has done some ultimate roaming, offering an overnight stay in a sea view room with champagne in bed! Take a look at their other promotions here:

Know someone who's going through a break up? Why not buy them a “plenty more fish’ monetary card from Yo! Valentine’s isnt just for the lovers you know…

Or still feeling a little omi-conscious… stay at home and make your someONE special someTHING special, with a YO! At home kit:

I Am Doner is 100% right: NOTHING says ‘I love you’ like a kebab. Check out their gift cards here:

Last but really really not least, is this absolute wonder from Chopstix. It’s what all the lovers have been waiting for: Chopstix perfume. We won’t say any more here, just take a look for yourself:

We published a blog recently highlighting the 5 biggest gifting days of the year. Valentine’s is the first, but what’s next? Read here: