May 10, 2023

Toggle: The Gifting Platform That Pays for Itself 61x Over

Toggle: The Gifting Platform That Pays for Itself 61x Over

We’ve always said that gifting works like a life raft…

But now we can prove that it gives life TO Raft-ers!

Rafters is a two-venue Michelin Listed restaurant (with an impressive 3 x AA Rosettes) based in our hometown of Sheffield. Our team are certainly not strangers to Rafters’ impeccable food and drinks (which makes working with them all the more fun!)

We actually did an interview back in 2021 with Rafters’ brilliant commander in chief, Alistair Myers. At the time, the Rafters owner gave Toggle a fully-fledged thumbs up. He told us he loved how Toggle sat within the wider marketing strategy, how it brought in money during out-of-hours, how little input was required to bring revenue into the business through Toggle, and how it allowed for them to meet the demand for experiences too.

But since 2021, just like you and I… Rafters has changed.

It has now expanded into a dual site brand after opening a venue in the Riverside House Hotel. In doing so, Rafters has used Toggle to support their scaling. Here’s a little insight into just how Rafters has grown with Toggle:


Toggle was born as a gift card platform. We then moved onto experiences. Afterwards, came products. 

Rafters have been using our platform to sell their retail products now since 2018. They now have their very own cookbook (which we highly recommended)  sold from their Toggle webshop.

They’ve sold nearly 40 books from their Toggle webstore, bringing in £1.5k in revenue from their retail products alone. A real easy win, which is enabled through Toggle.

Tech across sites

With more sites, comes great (technological) power, which comes with great responsibility. 

Now at two sites, Rafters need gift cards that work across multiple venues. Not a problem for the (technological) power of Toggle! Our integrations with till systems just need plugging in and then you’re good to go!

In fact, if you’re using POS Mode, you don’t even need to rely on us to have an integration with your EPOS provider - it’ll work through any device connected to the internet.

Let’s talk numbers

We’ll do the maths, so you don’t have to (sorry Rishi).

Rafters have been with Toggle for nearly 5 years now, having made £260,817 (at the time of writing) through Toggle. But let’s break that down further… Here are some more statistics:

  • Since 2020, they’ve seen an approximate average of 9% increase year on year
  • After the price of Toggle, they've made £256000 in profit (which is 61x what they paid).
  • From the £260,000 they have sold in gift card value, £92k of that has not been redeemed. 
  • Conclusion 

We’ve loved our long standing relationship with Rafters. Cheering them on from the sidelines has been a real pleasure, and enabling them to continue growing will surely be one too!

Their very own Alistair Myers has added:

“From the start, Toggle has always worked for us. It is easy to set up different gifts / gift amounts and has the option for physical cards or email which is brilliant.”

“During lockdown we also switched the platform to work for us doing our takeaway offers - it is so easy and flexible to use! We promote our vouchers on our website and social media, and because of the tracking of Toggle we know when our peaks will be (summer for wedding presents and December for Christmas) so we can push these to maximise sales.“

Finally, If you want to check out all the gifting wonders that Rafters are doing, check their their Toggle webshop out here: