November 5, 2021

Partners? Powered.

Partners? Powered.

Partner Power is our supercharged, renewable energy source that generates growth and in turn, drives your revenue. 

Over the last couple of months, we have been talking about how connected technological platforms can help hospitality operators, in a way that stand alone platforms could never.  

We spoke with Kevin Dixon, Head of Global Partnerships at Tevalis, about how our EPOS and gift card integration has upped the gift card game, allowing for unparalleled smoothness in the sale or redemption of gift cards from a till.

At Feed It Back, we spoke with Dan Hawkie, Head of Commercial. Here we discussed the necessity that feedback has on brand growth, as well as its connections to incentive schemes and customer relationships.

We spoke with Wireless Social's CEO, Julian Ross, about how WiFi integrations can help gain restaurants, bars and pubs vital demographic data, which will in turn increase visit frequency and dwell times.

With Nick Holroyd-Devon from Orderbee, we discussed ordering integrations and their ability to bring in valuable customer data. It’s great to see how both Ordebee and our own platforms are highly customisable so that brands can truly make the platform their own. 

And finally, Yumpingo’s Enterprise Sales Director, Darren Jackson spoke with our own Sam Brown about the feedback platform. Integrations here allow for reputation management which can transform detractors into promoters and drive footfall. 

All these great conversations have demonstrated the importance of integrations and how they can help you drive your operational efficiency. Whether you're a restaurant, a pub, bar, gastropub, music venue, canteen, catering company, hotel (the list could go on forever) - you need platforms that can integrate. Stand-alone technology providers will never have the reach or flexibility that we do.

Before we say ‘team-work makes the dream-work’, we will leave you there. Thank you to all the partners that took part, that integrate with us and that all around make our platform 100x better!