November 5, 2021

Channel your Partner Power for incredible results.

Channel your Partner Power for incredible results.

Channel your Partner Power for incredible results.

If Airship and Toggle is the vehicle, our customers are the drivers, their customers the fuel and the engine that makes it hum, is very firmly the partner platforms that provide the tech.

The key in our mind is that if the data flows, the vehicle moves. Customers can simply navigate, accelerate and brake as they need to do, pushing out campaigns and content against their strategic plan.

If the data doesn’t flow, stops or is interrupted then the vehicle might slow down or stop altogether.. Whichever way, it simply won’t be efficient. 

OK, enough car analogies.

We love our Partners (We’ve 60+ & counting). We work hard on our documentation and API’s to ensure that when partners do integrate we make it as seamless and straightforward as possible. We also monitor the connections to ensure that the data flows and if it stops, we can identify and fix the problem quickly. 

When your platforms integrate, your customers have a far better experience. It’s pretty simple. Your CRM will sing as the data that comes through (automatically) will populate fields of information that will enable you to understand (and affect) customer behaviour.  

Integrations provide a vital degree of cohesion to your operational efficiency, guaranteeing that the data collected (across all services) will in turn, be utilised to benefit all the decisions of your business. 

Integrations also (and quite importantly) help you stay in control as far as GDPR. A good integration will understand and manage the logic of consent with the customer. It also means that you are not downloading from one platform and uploading to another. Simply, the transfer of data, in any form, creates risk.

Allow us to break it down a little further. When we say that we integrate with ‘various types of platforms’’ to give you the perfect ‘ecosystem’, what do we mean?  Well an ecosystem is made up of integrations. Those integrations provide various services in different ways to the hospitality sector. 

For Airship, the several key partners are located in:

  • Bookings: which gather reservation, PoP and visit frequency data 
  • WiFi: which focuses on demographic data, PoP, visit frequency and dwell times 
  • Ordering: which tracks basket behaviour, purchase history, PoP
  • Feedback: NPS and sentiment & PoP 
  • Gifting: drive customer loyalty by issuing gifts and deals based on PoP
  • Loyalty:  incentivise the most loyal of customers, attract new customers and re-win lapsed customers and Yes you guessed it - PoP.

For Toggle, the several key partner types:

  • Ordering - Toggle redeems at the point of sale  
  • EPOS - allows you to sell physical cards, redeem toggle cards, top up balances and more
  • E-commerce - redeem gift cards online 
  • Feedback - Issue gift cards dependent on customer experience
  • Rewards - cThis helps you connect to B2B outlets, for example: you could expand exposure of your gift cards by stocking in certain supermarkets and retail outlets 
  • CRM - sends purchase data, to assist operators to enhance the overview of their customers. 
  • Payment - who processes the transaction on your toggle store (and potentially in your locations)

If you were to combine all these areas, you would create the perfect ecosystem. A multitude of platforms which collect dozens of data points. 

Airship is at the heart of this. Thanks to our integrations, Airship can enhance operators' SCV (single customer view)for effective more tailored marketing campaigns, in order to maximise your engagement, retention and revenue. To find our more about how this works, check out our PoP blog here: 

The same applies for Toggle. Toggle’s gift card solution is seamless thanks to the integrations we have. They blend into ecosystems and allow for all stages of the (physical or electronic) gift card journey to work effortlessly, from purchasing to redemption at a till.  

If you are looking for a technology partner for any aspect of your business, choose one that integrates. Choose Airship. Choose Toggle. Connected platforms drive operational efficiency on a level that a standalone tech never will. Joining the technological dots will enable you to truly leverage all of your channels for a single, comprehensive view of your customer and your business. And, you guessed it, move that dial on your sales. Don’t buy platforms that don’t integrate, you’ll regret it.