November 21, 2022

October's Pinch Punch

October's Pinch Punch

Spooky season is over - which means the gifting season is upon us. And although we can't wait for it to rain gift cards for the next two months; we are still proud of how we smashed the month of October. So much so, we thought we’d break it down for you: 

📍 We saw 33 of our favourite hospitality brands signing up to Airship & Toggle, including Giggling Squid, Patty&Bun, 200 Degrees Coffee Roasters, Six by Nico, Fire London, Almond Family Pubs, North Brewing Co, I am Doner, Swinger, Paris Baguette, BREAD AHEAD and so many more.

📍 We saw a huge THIRTY hospitality brands complete their onboarding and go live. Including Bitters & Twisted, Burger & Lobster Restaurant Group Limited, Honest Burgers Ltd, Richoux, Federal Cafe Bar, Mecallaiu, Nell’s (Common & Co), Bold Street Coffee, and the HonkyTonk Wine Library (our favourite customer name from last month!)

📍 29 platform roll outs across Airship and Toggle. Here's a few of them: 

- Gift scheduling - the ability for your guests to schedule a digital gift to land in their loved ones’ inboxes at just the right time in the future!

- A brand new Airship dashboard giving you a deep dive into how your database and marketing efforts are converting to more visits (if you haven’t got the new version yet, don’t worry, we’re rolling it out to you all soon!)

- More Form Builder features, making it great for use in more campaigns such as competitions and ongoing data collection.

📍 2.6 million guest interactions recorded on Airship and a £1.4m month for our Togglers’ sales revenue. Also, a record-breaking 32 million emails were sent from Airship.

📍 We attended a total of four events; including Restaurant and Bar Tech Live with our good friends at Zonal, as well as Made for Marketing 2. Our CEO Dan Brookman sat with Victoria Searl to discuss the importance of monetising your database. Watch here:

📍 Airship and Toggle was officially sold to Zonal. It’s crazy to think that was only within the last month and since our teams have worked together to make sure we can support our industry better. Read all about it here:

📍 Across both our platforms, our fantastic partnership teams gained 6 integrations that will be a continuation of the enhanced effectiveness our platforms have. Big shouts to GigPig UK, Zonal, Polaris Elements, High Level Software, Centegra Plus and OrderPay for joining forces and helping hospitality businesses benefit from an integrated tech ecosystem. 

With the cold nights here and beer garden weather a distant memory; that means only one thing: It’s Toggle Time! The 60 biggest gifting days of the year are here. Are you set up? Sign up to Toggle to start selling digital and physical gift cards for Christmas, here 👉

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