November 12, 2021




First there was the gift card. Then came ‘Experiences’, and then we rolled out ‘Pay it Forward’ and ‘Promotions’. Finally, with the introduction of retail, Hospitality Commerce was born…

Toggle began as a gift card platform, which is what we still are at heart. Soon after our birth,  we took to physical cards - where we designed, manufactured and distributed slick physical cards. In other words, we fulfilled your gift cards (remember the word fulfil).

Shortly after this, our Togglers started using our platform with more innovation than we could ever have imagined. Now, Toggle is THE hospitality commerce platform, where you can sell pretty much anything you want (anything legal at least... we were denied a firearms license, strangely?) 

Whichever products of yours that you want to sell, we can do it. We store it. Distribute it. Fulfil it.

Perhaps, it’s best to show you what some of our clients are already doing, to spur you on and give you ideas. As some would say, we want you to ‘shoot for the stars’ - and we do, but purely metaphorically because we don't have the firearms license. 

Rosa’s Thai Cafe’s cookbooks are the perfect example of how you can use Toggle as a retail platform. Create your products and allow us to do all the fulfilment. Simply upload the product with a price and description to your store. Promote it on your channels, and once the orders begin rolling in, we take everything from there.


Looking back on the pandemic, we recognise the love and support that consumers have shown for their favourite brands. Customers supported businesses with pay it forward schemes and invested themselves into brands in a way we had never seen before.

This customer loyalty has continued, as we have seen with the success of Franco Manca’s merchandise. Selling a variety of t-shirts, all designed with relevant imagery and illustrations which will in turn boost their brand awareness. 

Boxes, baskets and Hampers

Bounce in a box, by Bounce, is an at-home kit that allows customers to experience Bounce from home. A real winner of the pandemic, it has stayed on their Toggle store after working its way into the hearts of Bounce’s clients. Packages like this are easily transferable to Christmas, for those who want to gift something with a little more oomph! 

Toggle Hampers

Our hampers are ful-filled to the brim. Instead of you having to order, organise and distribute, we’ve solved your Christmas gifting problem. 

You can now sell gift hampers on your website, by Toggle. It really is that simple. All you have to do is upload the product to your store and let your customers know that they can order your branded hamper! Take a look at the selection here.

Physical Cards

Back to basics. We started out with gift cards and now we have mastered the game. So much so, that we can tell you that 60% of gift cards are sold between Black Friday and Christmas!  BUT, more importantly - 60% of those gift cards are physical. Who wouldn’t want a beautifully packaged gift card?

It is hard to say this without sounding pushy: but if you don’t sell physical cards this holiday season, you will miss out on an affluent revenue stream. 

We design, mancuature, fulfil and manage all physical (and E-) giftcards, so that you don't have to. Check out Yo-Sushi’s here: 

Shepherd Neame's gift cards, fulfiled by Toggle

With Christmas coming up, now is the time to get creative. Sell something. Anything... Except firearms.