April 5, 2024

March's Pinch Punch

March's Pinch Punch
Hey, hey, hey! It's Pinch Punch time, and March was a wild ride from start to finish!

Our team has been on fire, rolling out the welcome mat for King's College London Student Union, Bill's Restaurants, The Priest House Hotel, Le Bouchon Hotel, Boxcar, Reddington Pub Co, Tottington Manor Hotel, The Fountain, The Pavilion, Forshaws Hotel, Aysgarth Falls Hotel, Buyers Club, Wine Inns, Tamatanga, Pasture, Veloce Fresco, Oad Street Food & Crafts, and Updwon Farmhouse as they join the Toggle crew.

After some onboarding magic, Ed's Easy Diner, Giraffe, and Dylan's Restaurant proudly unveiled some seriously slick web shops. Seriously, you've gotta check 'em out!

🤑 March was a sales sensation, with a grand total of £3 million ringing in across all Toggle shops. High-fives all around for that!

👩👧 Let's talk Mother’s Day madness. We're talking over £1 million in sales leading up to the big day - yes, you read that right! We saw a crazy 208% jump compared to last year. And hey, who doesn't love a good gift card? 30% of sales happened right there in the venue! Plus, we saw a sweet 25% spike in 'for two' experiences and spa bookings. Talk about spreading the love!

🎬 Luci and Nicky teamed up with Hannah and Kate at Almond Family Pubs for our very first case study video. Frank knocked it outta the park with the editing - check it out for yourself.

👏 We gave a warm Toggle welcome to Danielle, our new Key Account Manager, and a big round of applause to Luci for stepping up to Head of Commercial!

🧠 Luci, Nicky, Amy, Holly, and Tess hit up Propel Multi Club for some serious brain fuel. We're talking inspiring talks from the likes of Nisha Katona from Mowgli Street Food, William Gordon-Harris from Knoops and Florian de Chezelles from The Salad Project. And who could forget HRC ExCeL? We shared the stage with some of our favourite people including Victoria Searl, Catherine Marshall, James Mobbs, Gemma Barter, Chris Fletcher, and Siobhan Lloyd - it was a blast!

🖌 Dan found himself immortalised on the wall of a London restaurant, courtesy of Zonal's latest marketing campaign, promoting how our tech works together to help your teams out in real time.

👩💻 Last but not least, shoutout to Grace for putting together an epic International Women’s Day campaign showcasing just some of the women who make Airship & Toggle tick. You rock, Grace!Phew!

March was a whirlwind, but we're strapped in and ready for whatever April throws our way. Bring it on! 🚀✨