May 5, 2023

March and April's Pinch Punch

March and April's Pinch Punch

We can only apologise for it being a couple of months since our last Pinch Punch… but the good news is: now you get double bubble! 😅

Hoorah! Here’s a little insight into the world of Airship and Toggle👇

📍 We have had a BIG 48 new hospitality brands signing up to Airship & Toggle, including the likes of: Robinsons, JW Lees Brewery, JKS Restaurants, Buzzworks, The Head of Steam, KellyDeli, Pho Restaurant, The Chestnut Group, The Bagel Factory, Fat Hippo, Zaap Thai Street Food, Bundobust, Where the pancakes are - and so many more.

📍 37 fantastic groups have completed their onboarding including Wahaca, The Inn Collection Group, Benugo, London Shuffle Club, The Piano Works Group, Seven Dials Market, Chestnut Group, Fat Hippo, Super 8, Incognito Group Ltd  and I think that’s the limit that LinkedIn will let us tag in one post… 🥳

📍 In April we saw £2.6m worth of new Toggle gift cards being generated - so much prepaid revenue flowing through hospitality.

📍 We saw 41 million emails fired out through Airship, which garnered an impressive 26% conversion rate! 😱

📍 We had a fantastic new starter in that of Stuart Shirley, our in-house Data Analyst! Fancy finding out more about how Stuart will Shirely help boost our Airshipper's and Toggler's marketing? Read the post here 👉

📍 We’ve made some strong connections… with other tech platforms that is. Airship now integrates with the likes of MyPlace Wifi and Photobot!

📍 It’s been a slightly quieter month on the event front, but that didn't stop our team from finding themselves all over the globe. We’ve had people scattered around: Brazil, Mexico, Las Vegas, Florida, Sri Lanka… does this mean we don’t have to pay council tax this month?

But we’re back on the road this month, so get ready to see our team here, there and everywhere! In May we’re going to be👇

📍 Hosting 2 more customer & product days, in Birmingham & Liverpool .

📍 We have a full office day, where ALL 45 of our team converge on sheffield for one day.

📍 Winning the KAM Research and Insights Big Hospitality Quiz of the year, alongside our teammates from Feed It Back, Wireless Social and Bums on Seats, on the 9th!

📍 Hosting a super powered panel at Competitive Socialising on the 17th.

📍 Sponsoring the brand new, Tiktok Workshop, from the brains of Antler & Mark McCulloch on May 23rd - we can’t wait for this one!

Plus we're hosting our own afterparty drinks at Incipio, to showcase the BRAND NEW Toggle Champions booster. (It’s pretty magical).

Fancy a demo? Book one here 👉

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