March 21, 2023

Making 74 Squid in a day? You Must be Having a Giggle!

Making 74 Squid in a day? You Must be Having a Giggle!

Giggling Squid signed up to Toggle in November 2022, and although it's quite hard to even articulate the astronomical success they've had with our platform… this author is still about to attempt it. 

Their success is down to a collaboration of two things: their marketing genius (the likes of Lezanne and Hannah), as well as the sheer power, innovation and potential offered up by Toggle as a gifting platform. When you combine those two things, this is what you get… 

Floral Friday 

Any good hospitality marketer will tell you that running a Black Friday campaign is a must. But any great marketer will tell you that running something a little more special on Black Friday is where the money really is. 

Giggling Squid, for example, ran Floral Friday. Floral Friday took Black Friday and rebranded the big day to stand them apart from their competition. Being a first for them; they ran a gift card promotion from the 23rd- 28th of November selling a £50 ‘Floral Friday’ gift card for £40! 

Floral Friday saw HUGE success for them. Not only were they a top Toggler for the big gifting day, but with 1481 cards sold they saw an average sale of £50. 

Out of the £74k they brought in on the day, they still have £42K that has been redeemed! This means there's still plenty of customers to come into a venue and enjoy the Giggling Squid experience! 

The importance of CRM 

Like we said above, the Giggling Squid digital marketing team really knows their stuff. Through connecting Toggle with our sister platform, Airship, they can take full advantage of using Toggle to use gift vouchers to boost visits. 

As part of their automated communications on Airship’s CRM, they have built a journey with the strategy to both re-engage lapsed customers, and increase customer frequency. This will entail dropping in £8 gift cards in order to boost visit frequency from existing customers orcustomers who may not have visited for a while. Giggling Squid told us that they're happy with the good response they're getting to the campaign, which makes us happy in return! 

The Teams 

There’s nothing better than mutual love. We love Giggling Squid, and they love us. When asked how they found working with our Toggle Team, they answered: ‘The Toggle team is always positive and with a can-do attitude!’ 

The Tools 

But the real magic came when they told us how they felt about working with the software independently. 

‘As we’ve been using the Airship platform for a couple of years, it has been straightforward to get used to the Toggle software, as it follows a similar functionality and is pretty user

friendly and intuitive. We’ve found the dashboard particularly helpful for quick reporting along with the data sets available for more detailed analysis.’ 

Our dashboard is designed to offer up simple, easy to access and understand metrics on sale and redemption data. We understand how important it is to be able to prove return on investment to the higher ups, but we also want Togglers to be able to look back to learn what does and doesn't work for their brand! 

‘Toggle allows us [...] to gather redemption data, which in the past we’d have had to request from our already busy restaurant managers.’ 

The Tech 

We partner with 40+ tech platforms in order to make Toggle the safest, simplest and most seamless gifting platform possible. 

Our integration with Comtrex has allowed Giggling Squid to have an unproblematic end-to-end gift card process: from purchase right through to redemption. 


In conclusion, Giggling Squid are doing it all, and they're doing it right. Alongside running fantastic campaigns like Floral Friday, which brings in £74k in a bloody weekend: they use our platform with innovation and command. We've loved watching them take hold of it all; through independently using the software and plugging it into their CRM journeys! 

Lezanne added: ‘Toggle allows us to be fast and flexible (something us squids appreciate) from creating bespoke, time-limited products to implementing and measuring targeted offers to drive customer activity through the integration with our Airship database.’

We can’t wait to see what they do next!