November 22, 2022

‍Last minute gifting: it's better late than never 

‍Last minute gifting: it's better late than never 

Last Minute Gifting: Better late than never 

Black Friday is literally days away. We have been waiting all year to use this gif.

But now that we are here, it is time to make sure you have all the essentials locked down. And if you don't? Not to worry, fret, panic or freak: you still have time to boost your Toggle shop in order to make sure you have everything at the ready for the big day. 

Here are your last minute gifting tips based on learnings over the last few years:

  1. Discounting works. ‘Added value’ even more so.

It seemed that whether it was Discount or Added Value, 20% did just the trick. It was by far the most popular choice with over half of all cards sold coming with a 20% incentive. But which should you go for, Discount or Added Value? Well, if it’s right for your brand, the spreadsheet says Added Value.

The average value of a card purchased with a 20% discount was £75, while cards with 20% Added Value had an average of £94.

  1.  The real winner: Delayed Validity

The real star of Black Friday 2021, and something we’d highly highly recommend you try, is selling cards at a Discount or Added Value (obviously), but with a delayed validity. This means that any cards purchased with the discount are only redeemable within a date range of your choosing. 

Some super smart Togglers sold cards at Black Friday that could only be redeemed in the quiet, early months of 2022. This gives you that big sales figure on Black Friday, without discounting visits in the festive season - instead pushing that footfall into the quieter January and February. It’s really smart, and it seems guests were more than happy with that offer.

  1. It’s not too late 

You can brand up some regular digital gift cards as being your “Christmas gift card’. Adding an extra sentiment and festive spin is proven to boost your sales, making the customer feel like they're giving something more than a regular card.

  1.  Do the same with experiences

Already selling afternoon tea for two? Or a 3 night hotel stay? Repurpose your experiences, to be more tailored for those who are looking to give an experience for the holidays. 

Start by reading how to create an experience.

  1. Give something more

It’s been a tough year for everyone. Pay it Forward and Bundles gives you the flexibility to generate revenue for a charity or local cause as part of the sale. Read how to do a Pay it Forward Bundle.

Want to get clue’d up on the rest of the gifting season? Check out our ‘Toggle Time Resource Grotto’ here: