July 5, 2023

June's Pinch Punch

June's Pinch Punch

Critics are calling it our ‘best month ever.’ Take a look at our month of June:

📍We had 22 new hospitality brands sign up to Airship & Toggle, including: The Malhotra Group, Badiani Limited, Big Smoke Brew Co Ltd, McMullen & Sons Ltd, Barkby Pubs, New Dawn Pubs, Storia Restaurants, Peaky Blinders Manchester, Urban Pubs and Bars, Almond Family Pubs, Brucan Pubs, Berkley Inns and more! 😍

📍 19 new hospitality brands completed their onboarding, including the likes of: London Shuffle Club, Bon Vivant, The Tipsy Vegan, Bagel Factory, Wing shack co, Fine & Country, and a dozen more!

📍 We saw 16 brands go live with our new boosters, including Airship Rewards, Toggle Tickets, and Airship Automations; meaning that our team is building your automated marketing journeys without you having to lift a finger.  

📍 Toggle helped generate over £2.2 million in additional revenue for the hospitality sector and into our operator’s pockets! What a treat! 😮

📍 Airshippers sent out  35 million emails, with a click-to-visit conversion rate of 32.5%. Engagement, engagement, engagement 😍

📍80+ marketeers have signed up to join us on July 6th (tomorrow!) for the Mega Marketing Workshop! This event is designed to help Airshippers set up data-driven, automated email journeys that will constantly be driving more visits! It’s never too late to chuck your hat into the market-ring… sign up here 👉: https://lnkd.in/eUYZHhJ5

📍 We had a brilliant new addition to our development team! We are proud to be welcoming Thomas Fisher to the Airship clan, as well as three new faces starting in the month of July 🥳

📍 It’s been a some month on the event front for us! We’ve been all over the country, including: The BII Summer Event, Propel’s Female Leaders Conference and Peach @ The Beach (we’ll let you guess which one the photo below is from).

📍Some people think 13 is an unlucky number… but we had 13 product releases in June (that can only be a good thing, right?) They include the display of Zonal Loyalty cards within the Airship Loyalty app, plus beta releases of our new Advanced Localisation feature, Unit Level Unsubscribes and a new Branded Domain setup and management tool. 😎

July is upon us. We have one hell of a month coming up: The Mega Marketing Workshop. A whole bunch of Airship babies on the way. A new campaign. Keep an eye on our socials for our busiest month of the year so far!

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