July 1, 2024

June's Pinch Punch

June's Pinch Punch

Happy July everyone! We hope you all got to soak up some sunshine while it was around! Now, let’s dive into the highlights – we’ve got a lot to cover.

Another busy month for our team and they haven’t slowed down. We’re excited to welcome the likes of Bubble CiTea, ETM Group, COSMO Restaurants, Eat Seed, Oche and Shufl to the Toggle family and we’re honoured to be part of your journey!

Cal and Ash have outdone themselves yet again, with Paneka Bar & Grill, Oak Tree Inn, Wadworth & Co, Head of Steam, Lucia, Box Park, The Brook Group,  Bills, We are Pluto, Coach House Potton and Oad Street going live this month. Go check out their shops! 👌

🤑 June was a whirlwind, especially with Father’s Day! We recorded an impressive £3.4 million total across all our Togglers. Our highest sales day was the 15th, Father’s Day eve! Curious about the sales details? Check out our blog post for more insights here.

👏 Our team is always excelling, and this month we have a couple of shoutouts! You may know Amy from our commercial team, she is the knowledgeable friendly face that we hope many of you have been able to chat to. This month marks her first full year with the business and we feel grateful to have Amy’s can-do attitude in our team!  Keep on smashing it, we couldn’t be prouder. Let’s hear it for Amy! 🎊

We also need to celebrate Emma, who works in our Tech Success department but wears many hats across different teams. She’s been a superstar in our product x CS team crossover, and we just had to share her hard work. This one’s for you, Emma! 👏

🧠 As the events started, we stepped up to the plate! We kicked off June’s calendar with a trip to the BII Summer Event. We’d love to give a special mention to BII Licensee of the Year Award 2024 Winner: Justine Lorriman from The Royal Dyche. Next came the HMA Awards where our very own Holly Ritchie presented the award for Email Marketing Campaign of the Year. We couldn’t be happier for the winners, Luxury Family Hotels & The Grove, keep smashing it!

🔊We launched our soundbites series this month, and we already have three clips to get you started:

  • Father’s Day may be over, but Cal has some great tips on last-minute gifting and how it can boost your sales right until the final buzzer! 👉 here
  • Ash talks about the perfect referral scheme and how Toggle Champions can elevate your brand. 👉 here
  • Hotels, you’ll want to listen to Holly’s run-through on boosting your brand with Toggle. 👉 here


As we jump into the second half of the year, we can’t wait to see what July has in store for us. See you there!