August 3, 2022

July's Pinch Punch

July's Pinch Punch


We’d be Jul-ying if we said we didn't have another banger of a month. πŸ˜…

We would also be lying if we didn't say we had broken a sweat or two, but with the temperature being 40 degrees, we all know we did. Here are some of our July highlights πŸ‘‡

πŸ“ We saw more of our favourite hospitality brands signing up to Airship & Toggle, including Honest Burgers Ltd, The Adventure Bar Group , Black Rock Restaurants , IbΓ©rica Restaurants, Boo Burger, Doza, West Berkshire Brewery, Kindred Concepts, North Brewing Co & The LiquorLab - plus so many more!

πŸ“ We also saw a huge 25 hospitality brands complete their onboarding and go live. Including Fazenda, Oakman Inns & Restaurants Ltd, Lisini Pub Company Ltd , Daisy Green, BerberΓ¨ , Aubaine Restaurants, Tequila Mockingbird, Portobello Brewery, Oche, Surya Hotels Ltd, Little Fish, Bistrot Pierre, Common & Co plus a dozen more πŸ˜…

πŸ“ We had 2 new superstars joining the team, in Anna Worthington & Frank C. . Anna joins our customer success team, with plenty of hospitality technology experience already, previously working with our friends at Wireless Social. Frank has joined as our digital marketing apprentice πŸ™Œ

πŸ“ 2.4 million guest interactions recorded on Airship and a Β£1.2 million month for our Togglers’ sales revenue.😎

πŸ“ We also broke the 20 million mark for the number of emails sent last month for our Airshippers.😱

πŸ“ 32 platform releases across Airship and Toggle, not least our 'Room Stay Search', a new tool designed for hotels!🏨

πŸ“ Our sales & partnerships team thought it would be a great idea to plan meetings & events around London during the two hottest days of the year / all time. And whilst they may have melted, they had a great time eating & drinking at two of our clients, Daisy Green & MEATliquor , whilst also having a wonderful social with the me&u team (Sam also now owes Ed Β£20… 🎳)

πŸ“ We hosted a new flight plan with Fabl on July 6th, where the amazing Liz Smailes taught hotel marketers how to maximise their room bookings!😁

πŸ“ Walk Wednesday Returned, with Georgina Doyle guiding the team around some fairy questionable parts of Sheffield, but the sun was out and the pub at the end served cold beer, so all was good! β˜€οΈ

πŸ“ Four of our team celebrated their cake day - with Emma Allsop and Monique Grimwade celebrating their first full year with us, and Sam & Lorna Fox completing two years (some call July 1st 2020 the greatest day in the companies history) 🀷

πŸ“ Luci Cunningham ran one hell of a recruitment campaign, giving everyone an insight into life at Airship, and helping us to find 3 very exciting new additions to our commercial team (watch this space for them landing in the very near future) πŸ₯³

We are in the height of summer and it's quite beautiful seeing so many beer gardens full so often - especially it being our staff who are filling them. Here's to July - now onto conquer August😎

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