August 4, 2023

Introducing Toggle's Shop Build & Fulfilment

Introducing Toggle's Shop Build & Fulfilment

Why have one hero, when you can have two!

Last week, Trenchcoat Time was released into the wild, along with his trusty marketing tool: Toggle Tickets. We are thrilled to see how The Booster Brigade will help more hospitality businesses boost their revenue as time goes on!

But now, It’s time for our next wave of the Booster Brigade team to be released…

We strongly believe that all good things come in twos:

Airship and Toggle,

Dan and Sam, 

Steak and Cheese…

And to add to that list: Ful-Phil and Tog the Builder. An iconic duo for the ages, this pair of handymen are speedy, determined and they don’t even know the meaning of the word procrastinate (they’ll look it up later). 

Their main goal in life is to bulk out your webshop & get your products into peoples hands. And in order to both build it from the ground up and fill it with a plethora of products, they have Toggle’s Shop Build & Fulfilment sat in their marketing tool belt. 

Toggle’s Shop Build feature utilises our expert builders for all things webshop, commerce, gift cards and hospitality. They can build your online shop so that it is of the highest calibre when it comes to branding, navigation, conversion and more!

As well as this, Toggle’s Fulfilment service guarantees that from design through to delivery, we’ll take control of your physical gifting operations. Our fulfilment warehouse is in the heart of the country, where all stock is printed and packaged (meaning you‘ll never even have to touch it).

Toggle’s gift cards are eco-friendly too! We work with Green Gift Cards, a company who helps us provide sustainable gift cards, so that you can offer a physical gifting service that won’t destroy the planet - hoorah!

And the best news? It’s HALF PRICE until the end of this month. You have until August 31st to grab the best deal of the year with both hands, and put it in your tool belt just like Ful-Phil and Tog the Builder. 

Don’t wait around… let’s talk about our Shop Builder and Fulfilment booster! Enquire here 👉