July 28, 2023

Introducing: Toggle Tickets 🥳

Introducing: Toggle Tickets 🥳

Two weeks ago it was Mr Loyal T’s time to shine, but this week there’s a new hero in town…

We are on our third release of the Booster Brigade; a campaign brought to you by Airship and Toggle, in order to help you boost your ROI through specialist built, bolt on features.

Thus far, we have seen the release of:

  • The Influencer and Toggle Champions, a platform which offers hospitality the digitalisation of word of mouth. It’ll allow them to set up a trackable referral scheme (which is fulfilled by Toggle’s e-gift cards, making them easy to create, send, redeem and report on). 
  • Mr Loyal T and Airship Loyalty, a mechanic which works as a digital profile on your clients devices. It collates all the discounts and promotions they have available with you, so that they can locate your offers to them lickity split!

But now, we bring you… Trenchcoat Tim.

Trenchcoat Tim is your go-to event promoter & ticket seller. He drives footfall, is fully adapted to the hectic world of events, is organised beyond belief and is one hell of a salesman!

He stands cloaked with his trusty marketing weapon, Toggle Tickets. He uses Tickets like ammunition: firing them out to drive the customer into a location for an organised event.

With Toggle Tickets, all marketers can be like Tim: setting up events and creating tickets with imagery, limited availability, real time countdowns on remaining tickets, add-ons, location information and much more. 

And thanks to Toggle’s advanced technology - no new hardware is required. We’ve managed to solve the issues that many ticketing platforms face, and now you can have a ticketing operation that doesn't create issues - all it takes is the simple QR code and phone camera combo.

We built this bolt-on because we know how useful events are for driving footfall. But we also know how beneficial advanced revenue boosts are to your business… which is why if you’re on our flat rate plan, you won’t have to pay any commission on your ticket sales, you keep 100% of each sale. (another thing that differentiate us from the big ticketing platforms).

And to get you going on your Toggle Tickets adventure, you can get its HALF PRICE until the 31st of August!  Try Tickets now and always have a t(r)ick up your sleeve… book a demo here 👉 https://www.usetoggle.com/demo