January 16, 2023

Introducing: Toggle Tickets

Introducing: Toggle Tickets

Bitesize ticketing for your hospitality events 

If you have ever run an event for your hospitality venue; 

  • You may have tried to sell tickets using a platform that… well… isn't really designed to do hospitality ticketing. 
  • You may know the pain of having to use big ticketing platforms who charge a high commission fee. 
  • You may have wanted a familiar dashboard for you, and a single place for your guests to buy a range of products - of which tickets are one.. 

And if you have have had to endure that stress? Well, now you never have to. 

We present to you: Toggle Tickets. 

We have built Toggle Tickets as an add-on, so you can put on an event, and sell tickets for it just like you do everything else on Toggle.. 

The setup is simple. We will switch on ticketing for you, so that you can add it as a product to your webstore. After that, you chose a name, an image, a description, place, time. Bob's your uncle. Plus, enjoy the first 30 days for FREE; with no setup fee!

 You can read all about set up here: https://www.usetoggle.com/toggle-tickets

And once the attendees arrive? Don’t worry for a second about the tech. Our POS mode is a mechanic we designed to work as a universal EPOS. This means you can redeem on any divide you have lying around: a phone, an Ipad, a microwave from 1989. Simply login to you toggle account and you can access POS mode in order to scan and redeem tickets. 

Again, need to know how to use POS mode? Read here: http://academy.usetoggle.com/en/articles/2640552-getting-started-with-toggle-pos-mode