July 7, 2023

Introducing: Toggle Champions and The Influencer!

Introducing: Toggle Champions and The Influencer!

The marketing team at Airship and Toggle have gotten very meta and are now operating within the realms of metaphorical spaces. That's right, get ready to use your brain and analyse some representations - we’ve gotten pretentious!

Introducing: The Booster Brigade, Airship and Toggle’s Summer Campaign!

The Booster Brigade is an action pack of Marketing go-getters. Each of them with their own individual personality, style and function but ALL of them reach for the same goal: ultimate and relentless return on investment.

The first member of the Booster Brigade is The Influencer. 

The Influencer is shameless, popular, loud and has a strong social media presence. They shout about your brand and share you with their on-and-offline community. Hence, it is only fitting that The Influencer’s weapon of choice is Toggle Champions.

Toggle Champions brings hospitality the digitalisation of word of mouth. It’ll allow you to set up a trackable referral scheme (which is fulfilled by Toggle’s e-gift cards, making them easy to create, send, redeem and report on). 

Once you set up the scheme on your Toggle dashboard, your customers can share your brand with their friends, family and followers! And we know it works, because we have tried and tested it ourselves…

We hosted a little Toggle Champions launch at the Antler TikTok Workshop back in May. The event had around 100 Gen-Zers, all engaged and ready to learn about the wonderful world of TikTok. 

Our commercial power-combo of Sam (CCO) and Luci (Head of Sales) took to the stage to run a live product launch and demo of Toggle Champions first ever public test-drive.

Sam nominated a ‘Champion’ from the crowd, the lucky individual being Saphron, of Aqua Restaurant Group. We gave ‘The Champion’ (Saphron) a referral code, and for the rest of the event, our Champion handed around her Toggle Champions refer code to her peers. 

This referral code gifted the recipients £10 to spend at the Toggle Champions after-party at Incipio’s Lost in Brixton. Whilst this filled the room, more vouchers were being redeemed and with every redemption, our original champion was receiving a bump for each person she had brought  to the event.

The event attracted over 50 new customers to the venue, and our Champion left the event with a Incipio branded Toggle- e-card, which was holding over £300

This is just one of many types of referral scheme that you could run with Toggle Champions. It’s a sure fire way to get more of your target audience into venue, with a slight kickstart to get the spending. 

If that isn’t enough of a win… why not trial it, for FREE, for two months. Book a demo here  to trial Toggle Champions, and see the magic it holds for you!

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