February 13, 2024

Incorporating national days into your hospitality marketing

Incorporating national days into your hospitality marketing
There are plenty of national days throughout the year that hospitality businesses can utilise as part of their marketing efforts. So why should hospitality operators jump on the bandwagon, you ask? Allow us to enlighten you!
Why National Days?

1.  Customer Commitment:

Participating in national days allows you to engage with customers personally by aligning yourself with shared interests and cultural celebrations, creating a more immersive and memorable experience.

2. Social Symphony: 

Tapping into national days provides an opportunity to leverage trending hashtags and discussions on social media, enhancing your brand's visibility and reaching a broader audience.

3. Marketing Manoeuvres:

National days offer a canvas for imaginative marketing strategies, where you can embark on creating themed promotions, events, or special menus that capture attention and showcase your offerings, creativity and uniqueness.

4. Community Connection: 

Celebrating national days enriches your community to become active members in shared cultural moments. This often strengthens ties with your local community, building a positive reputation and customer loyalty.

5. Increased Footfall

Aligning with national days can attract customers seeking to participate in related festivities. This can lead to increased footfall, higher sales, and the potential for repeat business as customers remember your brand’s positive and unique experiences.

Our Top Tips 

1. Themed Social Media Campaigns:

Launch a creative and visually appealing social media campaign centred around the National Day theme. You could even consider running contests or giveaway some Toggle gift cards to boost engagement.

2. Promotion Party:

Introduce exclusive national day promotions or discounts for your hospitality services. You could even use your Toggle shop to create special packages, limited-time offers, or discounts on bookings made during the national day celebration period.

3. Virtual Events and Experiences:

Host virtual events or experiences that align with the National Day celebration. This could be a virtual cooking class featuring traditional national dishes, a live-streamed cultural performance, or a virtual tour showcasing local landmarks.

Utilise live streaming on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube to engage with your audience in real-time and make the experience interactive, and make sure you’re using your Airship account to get the word out to your customers.

4. Collaborate with Local Influencers:

Partner with local influencers who have a strong online presence and align with your brand values. Have them create content related to the national day celebration and share it with their followers.

Influencers can help amplify your brand's message, increase visibility, and provide authentic endorsements. Consider using Toggle Champions to offer them special experiences or discounts to make the collaboration mutually beneficial.

5. Interactive Online Contests:

Create engaging online contests or challenges related to the national day. For example, a photo contest where participants share their best patriotic-themed pictures or a quiz about the nation's history and culture.

You can use your Toggle shop to offer attractive prizes, such as free stays, dining vouchers, or exclusive experiences, to incentivise participation and generate excitement around your brand.

2024’s Key Dates:


1st - 31st January | Veganuary

1st - 31st January | Dry January

1st - 31st January | Ginuary

1st - 31st January | January Sales

15th January | Blue Monday

23rd January | National Pie Day

24th January | National Peanut Butter Day

25th January | National Irish Day

25th January | Burns Night

26th January | National Fun Day at Work

27th January | National Chocolate Cake Day

30th December | National Croissant Day

31st January | National Hot Chocolate Day


2nd - 16th February | Six Nations

2nd February | Groundhog Day

4th February | World Cancer Day

4th February | British Yorkshire Pudding Day

6th February | National Chopsticks Day

9th February | National Pizza Day

10th February | Chinese New Year

11th February | Super Bowl

12th - 16th February | Half Term

13th February | Pancake Day

13th February | Galentine's / Palentine's Day

14th February | Valentine’s Day

17th February | Random Acts of Kindness Day

17th February | Real Bread Week

20th February | National Love Your Pet Day

22nd February | National Chilli Day

23rd February | National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day

29th February | Leap Year


1st March | St David's Day

4th - 10th March | British Pie Week

7th March | National Cereal Day

8th March | International Women's Day

9th March | National Meatball Day

10th March | Mother's Day

15th March | Red Nose Day

17th March | St Patrick's Day

19th March | St Joseph's Day

20th March | International Day of Happiness

28th March - 15th April | Easter Holidays

29th March | Good Friday

31st March | Easter Sunday

31st March | British Summertime Begins

31st March | National Taco Day


1st April | April Fool's Day

1st April | Easter Monday

1st April | National Sourdough Bread Day

4th April | International Carrot Day

7th April | World Health Day

8th - 9th April | Eid al-Fitr

10th April | National Siblings Day

11th April | National Pet Day

13th April | Grand National

20th April - 9th May | World Snooker Championship

21st April | National Tea Day

22nd April | Earth Day

22nd - 30th April | Passover

22nd - 30th April | British Beef Week

23rd April | St George’s Day

23rd April | World Book Day

29th April | International Dance Day


1st May | May Day

2nd May | World Tuna Day

4th May | Star Wars Day

5th May | Cinco De Mayo

6th May | May Day Bank Holiday

7th - 11th May | Eurovision Song Contest

13th May | World Cocktail Day

19th May | World Baking Day

21st May | International Tea Day

25th May | Wine Day

25th May | FA Cup Final

27th - 31st May | Half Term

27th May | Spring Bank Holiday

29th May | National Biscuit Day


1st - 30th June | Pride Month

1st June | Global Day of Parents

1st June | UEFA Champions League Final

2nd June | National Cancer Survivor's day

4th June | National Cheese Day

5th June | Sausage Roll Day

5th June | World Environment Day

7th June | World Safety Day

8th June | Best Friend's Day

8th June | The King's Official Birthday

8th - 16th June | Great Big Green Week

10th - 14th June | Healthy Eating Week

14th June - 14th July | EURO 2024

15th June | Beer Day Britain

16th June | Father's Day

16th June | National Fudge Day

18th June | International Sushi Day

20th June | Summer Solstice

21st June | Take Your Dog to Work Day

26th - 30th June | Glastonbury Festival

27th June | International Pineapple Day

29th June - 21st July | Tour de France


1st - 14th July | Wimbledon

2nd July | World UFO Day

4th July | American Independence Day

7th July | World Chocolate Day

15th July | Give Something Away Day

16th July | National Cherry Day

21st July | National Ice Cream Day

23rd July - 4th September | Summer Holidays

24th July | Tequila Day

26th July - 11th August | Summer Olympics & Paralympics

30th July | International Day of Friendship


1st August | Yorkshire Day

1st August | National Girlfriend Day

2nd August | International Beer Day

10th August | National Bowling Day

18th August | National Fajita Day

22nd August | World Plant Milk Day

26th August | Janmashtami

26th August | National Dog Day

26th August | Summer Bank Holiday

30th August | National Beach Day


1st - 30th September | Organic September

1st - 30th September | Sourdough September

1st September | World Tofu Day

2nd September | World Coconut Day

2nd - 6th September | Zero Waste Week

4th September | Eat an Extra Dessert Day

6th September | National Food Bank Day

7th September | Ganesh Chaturthi

9th - 22nd September | Fairtrade Fortnight

16th September | National Guacomole Day

18th September | National Cheeseburger Day

21st September | World Gratitude Day

21st September - 4th October | Oktoberfest

26th September | World Dumpling Day

27th September | Macmillan Coffee Morning

29th September | National Hospitality Day

29th September | International Food Loss & Waste Awareness Day


1st - 31st October | Black History Month

1st - 31st October | Breast Cancer Awareness Month

1st October | Coffee Day

1st October | Vegetarian Day

2nd October | National Kale day

3rd October | National Boyfriend Day

4th October | National Taco Day

4th October | National Vodka Day

10th October | World Mental Health Day

10th October | World Homeless Day

10th October | World Porridge Day

11th October | World Egg Day

7th - 13th October | Curry Week

17th October | National Pasta Day

20th October | International Chef's Day

21st October | National Apple Day

21st October | Back to the Future Day

25th October | World Pasta Day

26th October | National Pumpkin Day

28th October - 1st November | Half Term

28th October - 3rd November | Sausage Week

31st October | Halloween

31st October | National Bacon Day

31st October - 2nd November | Day of the Day


1st - 30th November | Movember

1st November | Diwali

5th November | Bonfire Night

5th November | National Red Head Day

8th November | National Cappucino Day

9th November | British Pudding Day

11th November | Single's Day

12th November | Happy Hour Day

13th November | World Kindness Day

19th November | World Toilet Day

23rd November | National Espresso Day

28th November | Thanksgiving

29th November | Black Friday


2nd December | Cyber Monday

7th December | National Cotton Candy Day

8th December | National Brownie Day

9th December | National Pastry Day

12th December | Christmas Jumper Day

7th - 15th December | Hannukah

20th December | Mad Friday

21st December | Winter Solstice

24th December | Christmas Eve

25th December | Christmas day

26th December | Boxing Day

26th December | Kwanzaa

26th - 31st December | Betixmas

31st December | New Year’s Eve