May 25, 2022

How to smash Father's Day on Toggle 2022

How to smash Father's Day on Toggle 2022
The opportunity

The graph below got us all excited here at Toggle. And it should make you excited too. This blog is here to tell you why (and how to drive some revenue).

Screenshot on 2022-05-24 at 23-24-58.png

What you’re looking at is a graph representing the total sales from all Togglers week by week. Each line represents a year since we launched Toggle, from the red line of 2019 to the dark blue line of 2022. That’s why the line becomes dotted, because that represents the forecasted future sales based on what’s happened so far this year against the last three.

That big peak you see there in the dotted line? That’s Father’s Day. It’s set to be a big thing on Toggle - which means there’s a lot of revenue up for grabs; not only will you see your weekend sales lift, but the sale of a gift card or experience will deliver the promise of future revenue. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to be part of that peak.

Why exactly is there an uptick in sales for Father’s Day? It’s people buying gift cards for brands like yours to give to the fathers, of any kind, in their life! Gift cards and experiences are seeing a huge surge over the recent years as people turn to these for presents in favour of stuff. A gift card simply conveys a message that money can’t buy.

We’ve got some inspiration, examples, tips and recommendations to make that happen for you.

Previous examples

It seems like a good idea to take a look at what some excellent Togglers did last year.

Hickory’s Smokehouse

These guys are absolute Father’s Day heroes. Every father is as different as the next…but it does seem a lot of them like steak. What we’re drawing your attention to here, though, is their ‘last minute’ digital gift surge. Which day did they sell by far the most gift cards? That’s right, Father’s Day itself - almost exclusively digital gifts - thanks to some well timed prompting to their database. So simple

Brewhouse & Kitchen

Another brand who always does well on Father’s Day; Brewhouse & Kitchen. However, they didn’t become complacent, and ventured out in 2021 into the world of retail. They launched a Father’s Day Mini Keg for those looking for something physical to give. Keg and a gift card, anyone?


So easy, so simple, so successful. If you’re on the hunt for a Father’s Day gift card, what are you going to search for? A Father’s Day gift card. And Zizzi offered exactly that. A digital gift card like any other, except with Father’s Day in the title, and a small offer to sweeten the deal. It makes for a no brainer decision (and sometimes, that’s exactly what we need). Psst, we can’t say exactly how successful this was, and we know Zizzi is a big brand, but it was crazy successful.

What we’d recommend

It seems like a good idea to take a look at what some excellent Togglers did last year. In this case, if history repeated itself, it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

It’s all in a name

What’s the easiest way to stick up a Father’s Day product on Toggle? Create a gift card, with the title having something to do with Father’s Day. Toggle top tip: Make sure the name of your product  makes sense for the recipient, as that’s the name that’ll show on the gift email / physical card.

Package up your existing offering

Package something up that you already do as an ‘experience’ for the Fathers. Father’s Day roast and a drink? 3 course meal? Father’s Day platter? There’s so much you could so! Why not create a whole range?


Have you been busy creating all those things above? Well, why not stick them in a whole ‘collection’ of their own on the Toggle webshop. Create a browsing experience, and launch a Father’s Day collection on Toggle. Toggle top tip: these collections have their own URLs, so you can link directly 

Promotions (if you want, it’ll be a battle out there)

Our stats don’t lie, promotions certainly get the job done. If you’re willing to offer a bit of a financial perk to your guests as an incentive to choose your for their Father’s Day gifting, you’ll see an uptick in sales. Toggle top tip: you can offer more value to your guests in loads of ways on Toggle, but we’d probably recommend ‘value added’ for Father’s Day. Something like ‘Pay £50 and get £60 to spend’.

How to make it unmissable

You know your own brand and how to market things far better than we do, but here’s a tick list of things to start that we know works:

  • Talk about your Father’s Day Toggle offering in several of your newsletters in the run up to the big day.
  • Make sure it forms a key part of your social media activity in the weeks prior. Think about what you’re offering, and how best to get guest buy-in across everyone avenue you have available to you.
  • Ensure it’s an unmissable link on your website for every single visitor. Can someone hit your website, and leave without knowing how to buy Father’s Day gifts?
  • What are you doing in your venue? Is it possible for someone to visit your venue in the weeks prior to Father’s Day, and not know about your gift cards / special Father’s Day gift on Toggle? Remember, these people are likely to already be fans, and would love the chance to return with their chosen father figure.
  • Do a last minute push, across every channel you have available, of digital gift cards for those who have left it until the last minute. This is a HUGE must-do!

Bonus round ideas
  • Run an actual offer / promotion just for those on your database, or your best customers. You can set up a private product or special promo code for this on Toggle so it’s available only to those you give access to.
  • Run a competition to win a free gift card. This will put a spotlight on your Father’s Day offering.
  • Do an early bird release of a promotion on your database for a limited-time discount.
  • Hand out little cards with each receipt in-venue in the run up to highlight Father’s Day gift card.
  • Do some staff engagement to get gift cards into their regular spiel when serving a guest.
  • Is what you’re offering worthy enough for some PR?

What’s going on this year already?

We’ve got some Togglers who have already got their Father’s Day Togglin’ sorted. Let’s take a little peruse through what’s on offer. (We’ll keep this updated as we get closer to the big day).

Coal Kitchen

Bolstering the choice Coal Kitchen have on their webshop is their Father’s Day card. It’s a gift card, but with a Father specific title, and a Father specific image. Easy peasy!

Grand Pacific

Using Airship, these guys have sent out a Father’s Day email already highlighting their (rather perfect) combo of a traditional roast with complimentary old fashioned. But what if you or your Father aren’t around or close by?! No worries, a link directly from the email out to Toggle solves that problem.

Brewhouse and Kitchen

These guys, for their second feature in this blog, have taken their existing Toggle offering and Father’s Day-ified it. Beautifully designed tags on images now highlight those products they think make a perfect Father’s Day gift.