August 9, 2021

How to make the most of Lockdown 3.0: Our top marketing tips for operators

How to make the most of Lockdown 3.0: Our top marketing tips for operators

WIth many businesses finding themselves yet again behind closed doors due to lockdown 3.0, we wanted to share some tips and ideas that can be taken advantage of throughout January and February 2021 - helping to keep your loyal fans engaged and spending.

The hospitality industry has been told this year that they must take part in Dry January! Pubs, bars and restaurants have been temporarily banned from selling alcohol.

Although this is extremely disappointing for many, it does open up the opportunity to have some fun with your marketing campaigns throughout the month. You could push click & collect / takeaways without alcohol, in a funny and lighthearted way. Or focus on promoting those great mocktails and other non-alcoholic products you have to offer to those guests taking part in the booze-free month.

The popularity of vegan food has only continued to grow! Use Veganuary as a time to shout about your famous vegan dishes, whetting your guests’ appetite. Tell them how they can get hold of (or create at home) your delicious products during lockdown 3.0.

Blue Monday is known as being one of the most depressing days of year, and we need to continue to support our friends, loved ones and colleagues, during what is still a tough time for many.

  • Encourage people to stay connected, and host virtual catch-ups. We’ve all become Zoom pros during the last year.
  • Uplift your guests’ spirits and run a fun competition. You could ask your guests to carry out a fun challenge that they can do in the comfort of their homes, and share on social media, tagging you - remember the banana bread craze?
  • Remind your guests to show others that they’re thinking of them, even when they can’t be there in person. A little lockdown gift could brighten up their day.
  • Share important key messages, and ask anyone struggling to reach out for help. This can be with trusted friends or amazing charities such as 

With the latest lockdown expected to last until March, it’s extremely likely that Valentine’s Day could also fall into these latest restrictions. Guests will still want to celebrate this occasion, and have some normality. We recently ran a consumer poll to find out what people's intentions are around celebrating Valentine's Day this year - read more here to see how the findings could inform your marketing strategy:

Have a think about what you can offer, tying into both the emotional and rational with monetary value gift cards, and at home experiences / events. Can you incentivise the purchase with a promotion or freebie?

  • Put together a selection of Valentine’s Day Hampers - offered as a Click & Collect service, or postal
  • Bundle items together, such as a gift card and a bottle of prosecco (or any other retail items you have to offer)
  • Can you host a virtual event, such as a Valentine’s Day masterclasses, shipping out the products in advance

If you’d like any support promoting your campaigns via Airship or Toggle, just drop our Customer Success Team an email, and we’ll be happy to help.

Stay safe everyone!