November 9, 2022

How to send an email where every click is worth £17

How to send an email where every click is worth £17

We aren't one to stroke an Ego, but this time, they deserve it. 

Ego has well and truly SMASHED it. Perfectly understanding how Airship and Toggle work together to bring a return on digital marketing, they have managed to make £72,000 after sending out a single Airship email. 

So, what was the promotion?

Ego used Toggle to host their ‘Bank Holiday Flash Sale’. This special digital gift card promotion offered guests an extra £10 value loaded on top of a £50 purchase. The cards are valid for 12 months and are available to be used at any Ego pub restaurant. It goes to show that offers don’t have to be too heavy to get people’s attention.

How did they get the word out?

A crazy little thing called Airship. Ego are one of our joint clients, meaning they can gain unlimited wins from a synced up CRM and gifting platform.  

They sent out a whopping 261,000 emails to their entire database. This mass send allowed for maximum eyeballs.

How did it do?

The email gained an impressive open rate; 55%. This could have been due to a mixture of reasons, but we like to think that Airship’s subject line testing feature has something to do with it. It sends different subject lines to an engaged section of the database, and sends the winning one to the remainder of your guests. Pretty neat.

With a 2% click-through rate; we saw Ego’s guests head straight to the offer on their Toggle store. The Toggle webshops are designed to convert. And so, of all the visitors: 

32.3% of them made a purchase. 


Enough stats. Tell me the number - how much wonga did they make?

With an (obvious) £50 average sale, the total value of sales was £72k… from a single email. 

With our internal math-matician digging into the stats,  we can state that each click of Ego’s Airship email is worth an amazing £17.24. 

How do Ego feel about this massive win?

Jennifer Stuart, Ego’s Head of Marketing has said:

‘We’re thrilled with the results for our flash sale campaign. This is the first time we have launched a campaign with this focus and it’s safe to say the results far exceeded our initial forecasts.

The positive results drove all metrics across the board from click rate to transaction spend. The team & platforms were, as always, on hand throughout and made the campaign easy to execute and measure, so much so that we have now scheduled a number of similar activations through the rest of this year.

We are currently reporting 136% UP L4L and have reported multiple record days for sales; this is certainly due to the brilliant platforms and team at both Airship & Toggle.’

Need we say more?


It’s easy. Join AIrship. Join Toggle. Start selling gift card promotions and using your CRM to let your brand champions know how they can be involved. 

Airship allows you to use the contacts that you have gathered through our integration partners (Epos, WiFi, Booking, etc) to then segment your database, and send automated, tailored email and SMS, so that you can keep engagement high, and bring customers into venues. One great way to do this? Send out regular emails directing guests to your gifting on your Toggle webshop.

Toggle is the Hospitality Commerce platform. Set up a branded webshop, sell online, and have digital and physical cards that are redeemable with your ecommerce and EPOS provider. You can use Toggle to sell experiences, merch, retail, digital gift cards and physical gift cards -fully designed and distributed by us.