January 27, 2023

How to Boost Your Gift Card Sales 43%

How to Boost Your Gift Card Sales 43%

It is no secret to say that Brewhouse & Kitchen have a special place in our hearts. 

These guys were one of the first Togglers, and have non-stop smashed it when using our platform! Last year we found ourselves doing even more non-stop cheering from the sidelines as they well and truly championed gifting campaigns.

As part of their 15% overall growth last year, they boosted their gifting sales by 43% during 2022’s festive period, in comparison to 2021’s. That means a whole chunk of change in their pockets (in advance of any visit), and a whole load more bums on seats during the coming quiet months of the year. 

But how exactly did they do it? And is it something you can do too? 

Firstly, Experiences. 

B&K have attributed some of this gifting success to their further expansion into experiences. ‘Whisky & Beer Pairing’, ‘Brewery Experience Day’, ‘Gin Tasting Masterclass’: sure, they might not be the best for anyone doing Dry Jan… but we suppose if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

Experiences have been on the up since COVID and are now at the forefront of consumers’ intentions for gifting. (P.S. you don’t need a whole brewery to make an experience: just a bit of imagination and a Toggle account! Sell a steak dinner for two, or a bottomless prosecco evening at no extra workload to your teams.)

Next: Retail and Merch.

Our team are no strangers to Brewhouse and Kitchen’s Mini Kegs. In fact, rumour has it our CCO Sam Brown could be found spooning one on the sofa from December 23rd until January 3rd. 

But that really is just a testament to the mastery that B&K have over Toggle. Using an online webshop, that takes no commission or charge from your product sales; will enable you to achieve a strong return on investment (more so than you could with any other provider).

And the best part? If you can't be bothered with the faff of shipping: we can do it for you. Our distribution centre lives in the heart of the UK. Once orders come through, we can wrap it up and ship it out: saving you the headache of arranging the logistics. We call it ‘Togistics’ -  or at least I do, and it’s me that gets to write these things.

Now for the specialised bits.


Brewhouse and Kitchen’s webshop is a looker. It’s a million bucks. It’s like looking at the moon, on a summer's night, over the ocean, with a beer in hand, whilst receiving a massage, after winning the lottery, and finding £5 in your back pocket. 

They used our categorised feature to create groups for their products. This navigation technique makes it super simple for the consumer to find whatever they need. There's nothing worse than being lost: especially on the web. Hence, this helps funnel the customers right from their webshop home, straight to checkout. 


Making sweet, sweet use, of our Partners

We’re kind of like the greek god Zeus in many ways… powerful, lightning quick, and incredibly polyamorous. We have over 100 partners that we work and integrate with in order to make our platforms safe, secure, efficient and seamless. 

Brewhouse and Kitchen use Polaris; an EPOS provider that will enable their floor staff to sell and redeem physical cards, digital cards, prepaid experiences and more; with no problem or difficulty. 

They additionally use our Vita Mojo integration; which enables them to seamlessly use our online gift card ordering system, as well as redeeming the cards at an in venue self service kiosks. 

These partners helped contribute to Brewhouse & Kitchen’s phenomenal success thanks to making all the tech possible!

Homepage Homage.

A poem

Pay homage to your webshop:

Add a link to your website’s home.

B&K did it, and look at them:

43% they’ve grown. 

You can’t know what you don’t know. Your consumers may not realise that they can give the gift of their favourite brand (you) to someone else. Adding a ‘Gift Cards’ or ‘Shop’ button to your homepage, helps spread the words to your thousands of monthly website visitors.

Pop up.

We understand gift cards may not be your main priority. But that doesn’t mean we agree. It may well be, afterall, the only place people can buy something from you online.

  • Gift cards are an undeniable revenue driver.
  • They guarantee visits (or if not, the card expires but the money stays in your account)
  • They are risk free
  • They are the ultimate workd of mouth and drive in brand new customers, who are more likely than average to become repeat customers.
  • They help keep current customers in love with your brand

So… we feel that they’re pretty deserving of a front seat on your website. Advertising them on your own space, is as effective as advertising externally. 
Brewhouse and Kitchen have added a gift card prompt to popup for any website visitor This thought provoking advert will turn every website visitor into a possible conversion: quicker and easier than letting them stumble across a button hidden somewhere in your site. 

Brewhouse and Kitchen: you guys rock!

Big props to all the team over at Brewhouse and Kitchen; for their constant innovative use of our platform. We can’t wait to see what you guys do next, which will no doubt: boost you up another 43%.