March 16, 2023

How Long Did It Take Losehill House to Start Turning Profit?

How Long Did It Take Losehill House to Start Turning Profit?

Take a page out of Losehill House’s book. Being single? Not that bad 😅In fact; being single, solo, by oneself, alone, solus… can work in your favour (with Toggle, that is.) Losehill House Hotel & Spa is a single-site hotel resort and spa, based just outside of our hometown, in the stunning Hope Valley. 🥳

They've been with Toggle for 15 months selling experiences, digital gift cards, physical gift cards, and even a pay-it-forward scheme... and in that time, have made an incredible amount of revenue on the platform, proving that small can be mighty!💪

They are making sweet use of POS Mode (one of our many tech developments, that means you can use Toggle without us having to integrate with your EPOS provider). Thanks to POS Mode, Losehill House & Spa have been able to ensure that their gifting journey is not only begun on a beautiful, organised and conversion-efficient webstore; but that their products can also be seamlessly redeemed at when the guest arrives.

But the magic truly comes when you look at the numbers. Losehill House has proved that big numbers come in small gift packages (that’s the saying, right?). They’ve made over £170,000 in revenue since starting with Toggle; for a single site, that’s pretty incredible. With each sale transaction averaging out to around £125 pounds; this means that Losehill house breakeven on the yearly cost of Toggle, after 9 (and a half) sales. This also means that averaging out to 3 sales every days since joining Toggle; they were already turning profit after 3 days of using our platform! Crickey!

Gift cards are an indestructible marketing tool. Undeniable ROI, a conversion that works for itself and a fool-poof way to bring in new guests (by allowing your existing brand champions to gift you to their friends, family and loved ones)