August 15, 2023

How Eat the Bird created a community flock with Toggle Champions

How Eat the Bird created a community flock with Toggle Champions

Eat the Bird are one of the wise Togglers that have signed up to our refer-a-friend mechanic: Toggle Champions. 

Whilst they’ve been smashing it on Toggle for the past 15 months, offering digital and physical gift cards, they have now added our digital word of mouth revenue booster in order to allow their friends, fans and followers to share their brand.

But Eat the Bird’s digital marketing doesn’t stop there. They’re using Toggle Champions with the innovation of a world-class marketing team, in order to support and partner with local businesses. 

Eat The Bird’s Dan Aldridgehas said: "Word of mouth is such a powerful tool for brand advocates to spread the word about our outrageous food and hospitality. And who better to do this than the people who have to make small talk every day?’

They enlisted the voices of their local Barbers and Tattoo Artists to become their very own Nug Dealerz (incredible name). The Nug Dealerz will be able to share their referral code to their customers (as well as their friends and families) so that they can go and experience Eat the Bird for the first time with a monetary Toggle voucher. Then, the Nug Dealerz will receive a reward for introducing a new nug-lover to the flock. 

So far, the scheme has introduced roughly 1 new customer each day to the business! Just think of the repeat visit value that this scheme can add.

“...Barbers, hairdressers and tattooists earn rewards for recommending us. All we do is sign them up, make them their own personalised framed QR code to display in their shop for their customers to scan and encourage them to drop us into conversation. Every time one of their customers is converted into a new customer for us, the business earns burger money for their next visit too. Win - win."

Fancy creating the same type of brand ambassadors? Signing up to Toggle Champions will help you cast your net far and wide and bring in more customers like your best customers! Book a demo here 👉 

Visit Eat the Bird’s Toggle shop here 👉