October 21, 2022

How does Tigerlily drive visits and spend, during their quietest month?

How does Tigerlily drive visits and spend, during their quietest month?

We love watching our Togglers blossom, just like a Tigerlily.

Tigerlily joined Toggle in March 2021, and the Edinburgh based brand has been using Toggle to up their gifting game with so much flair and success, it’d be almost criminal if we didn't stop and shout about them. Though, whilst we are shouting about them, let’s also discuss how they used the hospitality commerce platform to sell £10k worth of gift cards within the month of September. 

They're doing it all. Not only are they selling digital cards, but they've got some pretty swanky looking physical gift cards (HOT PINK - we are flustered just looking at them), fulfilled by us, of course. They're selling an assortment of experiences: Afternoon Tea, Boozy Brunch, a 3-Course Meal for 2, and hotel stays at all different price levels. They’re even using Toggle to sell retail products; a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label anyone? 

They’ll even be launching their ‘Gin Gift Packs’ for Christmas for all the gin lovers out there... 

But now, they have truly upped the Toggle game with enough pazazz to go into some sort of gifting hall of fame. During one of their quieter months (thanks to back to school, the end of summer, and reduction of inner-city tourism after Fringe), They ran a campaign which offered half price gift cards: you spend £25 pounds, you get £50 spend within the month of September. Tigerlily set the total promotion’s sold to 200 - which completely sold out!

This brings them a couple of huge advantages. 

We know this drives people into your venues and once they've spent the value of the card, they tend to continue spending. 

Another advantage is that it can be a nice foot in the door for guests who haven't dined or drank with you before (as well opening up the opportunity to collect their information, and this opening up communications with them). 

They received a 90.5% redemption rate within September. This campaign has no doubt brought life into the Tigerlily venues, during what would have been: a very quiet month. With this redemption rate, there is no doubt that visits and spend shot up within the last week of September: thanks to all the gift cards expiring on September 30th. This ‘buy now, spend then type of promotion demonstrates not only the brilliance of Tigerlily’s digital marketing team, but also shows how quickly Toggle can become an important revenue stream for hospitality businesses - especially during the cost of living crisis. 

Tigerlily have found themselves being asked to extend the voucher expiry, to help some customers out (which is completely possible thanks to the flexibility that Toggle can offer, when extending gift cards after they're purchased!). 

Big shout out to Tigerlily for smashing their gifting with Toggle, and using our platform with such innovation. This is the time to start thinking like Tigerlily: AKA Toggle Time 2. Start selling an array of gifts on your stores and utilise the Toggle Resource Grotto to build your christmas promotions. Go here 👉 https://www.usetoggle.com/toggle-time-2