January 18, 2023

How can Toggle help hotels fulfil their dining operations?

How can Toggle help hotels fulfil their dining operations?

This particular author has stayed in a few motels in his time, and he has absolutely no idea how Mollie’s has successfully, emphatically and masterfully reworked it into something achingly cool. One look at the instagram photos gives a small insight into the genius of creating a brand so strong that it converts a roadside category, previously reserved for the dour, into a destination all in itself. Welcome to Mollie’s.

Mollie’s have opened two motel-diners: Mollie’s Oxfordshire in 2019 Mollie’s Bristol followed in 2021. They've recently expanded into the north’s capital: Manchester, and have things in the pipeline to start opening up elsewhere too!

So, why are we writing about them? They use Toggle, just like the rest of UK hospitality, but they’re using it in a way that no one else is.

For tech’s sake

Mollie’s are not only dripping in modern Americana swagger, but they’re also dripping in tech. And not just tech for tech’s sake, but tech that creates a slick customer journey for guests and staff, simplifying and unifying everything a guest might need to do. 

What was the vision?

Mollie’s wanted to create a new, slick way of doing things where every pain point in the hotel guest journey was dealt with using friendly, smart tech. Right from booking, through check in, room keys, and to customer service, everything is dealt with through the Mollie’s app. One, frictionless hub of everything Mollie’s, but there is loads going on under the hood.

How have they done it? Well, Mollie’s are experts in experts. They know that, somewhere out there, are companies who excel in their own corner of hospitality techdom. Companies who are willing to come together to create something special. So, Mollie’s had a vision, shouted ASSEMBLE from the tallest structure on the A420, and brought together a team of hospitality tech-industry hitters.

Here’s the line up:
HotelAppz - heavy lifting and centralising the data for comms automation

Tevalis - EPOS

Apaleo - PMS

SevenRooms - restaurant booking

Alliants - the app


Toggle - gift cards and breakfast vouchers

What was Toggle’s role in it?

We had a pretty specific role in this whole set up - and arguably the most important role - because we give people the food. And not just any food, breakfast - the most important of all the foods (so they say). 

When someone makes a booking, they can choose to add breakfast for each morning, and for each of the guests. These breakfasts are ‘issued’ to the guests by way of a voucher they can show when they head to the diner in the morning. And it’s these breakfast vouchers that are generated, stored and managed using Toggle.

HotelAppz, the central hub and wizardry behind the Mollie’s app, pull in the correct combination of cards from Toggle behind the scenes, and place them right in the guest app.

The guests then bring in the vouchers to the adjoining diner each morning, and redeemed through Tevalis tills.

Smarter than it looks (like this author) 

The simplicity of the customer journey belies the complexity of the integration underneath - and that is where the real beauty lies (just like this author). It deals deftly with differences between a child or adult booking, validity dates, cancellations, changes to reservations, accounting - everything. It’s a beautiful thing, and one we’re over the moon to facilitate.

Has it worked?

Well, having now been operationally for a handful of months, Mollie’s have reached their sales targets, and a CATEY’S Award for the idea and execution tells us that it’s not off to a bad start.

Darren Sweetland has said ‘Toggle has enabled us to alleviate a technological headache. As well as being a reliable and useful gift card provider,  the platform has allowed us to distribute and manage breakfast vouchers for our hotel guests. We’ve made use of their increidble their integrations, in order for our Tevalis till systems to redeem the vouchers as simple and efficiently as possible. This set-up has become a helpful operation across all our hotels and we are executed to implement it in the Mollie’s that are opening in the near future.’ 

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