March 3, 2022

Holy Mother of Tog: A Guide to Winning Motherly Love

Holy Mother of Tog: A Guide to Winning Motherly Love

Mother's day is right around the corner. It is the second of our top 5 big days of 2023 - no pressure. 

Mother’s Day (just like Father's Day) is a HUGE day for hospitality brands. Consider it as standing out from other occasions really, thanks to the nature of Mothers Day being about Mums… who let’s face it, are pretty awesome. It’s going to be busy. Opportunity is high…

It’s important to optimise so that you can make as much revenue as possible and rocket your ROI. Let's get into how:

Toggle Tip #1

Experience. Experience. Experience.

I know I know, we say this everytime. But this time we REALLY mean it. Experiences are the backbone of Mother’s Day. Just think about how many mothers love afternoon tea? Data proves that Mother’s love scones, jam and a cup of tea (or glass of Prosecco) more (often) than their own children. 

That's just a fact.

Experiences are a great revenue driver and they're easy to set-up on Toggle. Whether you're packaging up an experience you already offer (Bottomless Brunch for Two) or you want to rebrand an existing one to be tailored for the holiday (Bottomless Brunch for Two (with free chocolates for Mum) - really pushing the creative boat out here - the choice is yours. 

Airship Tip #1

Thoughtful Marketing

Almost 1-in-5 consumers would like the option to 'opt-out' of Mother's Day communications from hospitality operators and brands, according to a new consumer poll. 

Discovered from our 2021 report with KAM Media, we advise including an opt-out button on all communications, in order to support a wider range of your customer base. 

Dan Brookman, CEO of Airship and Toggle, said: “We're seeing more businesses every year embrace thoughtful email marketing by sending optional opt-out emails to their customers. Mother's Day is an opportunity for celebration by many but it can be a very difficult time for others, especially after a year where so many people have lost loved ones. The best email marketing puts customers' needs first and, with almost a fifth of consumers indicating they'd like the option to avoid receiving Mother's Day communications, it's something that operators should consider when planning their campaigns. Brands need to be sensitive towards their customers across all marketing-heavy annual occasions if they really want to show personalisation and connection.”

Read more here:

Toggle Tip #2


Navigation of an online shop is key. The consumer needs to be able to find your promotions with ease. 

Thanks to Toggle’s Collection feature, now they can. You can create a ‘collection’ (ultimately, a category) in order to bundle all your discounts, promotions and merch, so that they all live in one place. This then frees you up to create as many gift cards as you like with all sorts of funny / lovely / silly branding, titles and imagery.  

Check our our academy article on how to get started with collections:

Airship tip #2

Get there first

We always say that being one of the first advertisers is never a bad thing.

Sharing your Mother's Day promotions early and letting your universe know about the holiday’s events and tailored gift range, means they may book with you before they book with your competitors! 

Consider using Airship to send out segmented emails with links to your booking platform too - which is great for collecting more data down the line!

Toggle Tip #3

Silly Silly Silly Gift Cards.

The first gifting day of the year was Valentine’s. Our friends over at Cosy Club became love champions, by decking their Toggle shop out with playfully named cards. The crowning winner of them all was “a treat for an absolute treat'' by the way, but we advise against using that for your mother though.

Why not do the same for Mother’s Day too? Consider joking around: ‘You’re welcome that I am your son’. Or something sweet like ‘You’re the best’ or something more cheeky like.. ‘Because we drove you to drink’ (Dan, our CEO put this forward), this will help boost sales and create a bit of a buzz.

Toggle & Airship Tip #4

Add an insert

Even though all mothers deserve it, we don't HAVE to reinvent the wheel. Get in touch with our customer success team in order to see how we can help you customise your physical offering without having to completely redesign, print and alter your existing gifting set up. 

For example: we could add in a simple insert to your gift cards and prompt a newsletter sign up in. ‘£10 voucher when you sign up to our newsletter’ is a great way to encourage new customers (and their mothers) to join your database, and therefore expand your universe for all promotions down the line.

Keep an eye on our socials over the coming weeks to see a showcase (and some inspo) of what other Togglers and Airshippers are doing for Mother's Day - or get in touch with our customer success team to discuss how we can help you achieve what you want to achieve!