February 22, 2024

Fazenda Group spices up the UK dining scene with Toggle and sees sales surge!

Fazenda Group spices up the UK dining scene with Toggle and sees sales surge!
Picture this: South American flavours hitting the UK dining scene, sizzling meats, and sumptuous sides served up with style. That's Fazenda Group for you!

And we've got a juicy tale of how Fazenda Group are using Toggle to spice up their sales game with some savvy gift card action!

Fazenda Group whipped up some physical gift cards to flaunt in their venues, resulting in 18% of all gift card sales being bought in-store. But that's not all - they turned heads with their digital gift card promos, splashing catchy ads on Meta platforms like confetti at a carnival! With Toggle's support, buying gift cards became smoother than slicing through butter, and their team? Well, let's just say they were as productive as a chef with a full pantry!

Fazenda Group's gift card fiesta has led to some mouthwatering results:

🌟 In-store sales beefed up by a whopping 35% in year two!

🌟 Webshop sales saw a spicy 30% surge.

🌟 Free-of-charge (FOC) goodies for guests never easier with the use of Airship & Toggle working in harmony.

🌟 And the pièce de résistance? Total sales went from £564k in year one to a meaty £740k in year two! Talk about a sizzle!

Natalia Andrade, Head of Marketing, said: “Toggle allows us to make the process of buying gift cards extremely smooth for our guests, and increases productivity for our team, too.

Since joining Toggle in March 2022 and therefore introducing the capability of digital gift cards, we've seen a considerable increase in purchases, especially around key seasonal dates. The support offered by Toggle is first-class, with the team readily available to help when we need.”

With plans to expand across the UK and into the EU, Fazenda Group will be bringing the flavour to a city near you!

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