June 10, 2022

Father's Day: Whats on Offer

Father's Day: Whats on Offer

Father's Day: What's on offer? 👀

Father’s Day is just around the corner and our Togglers have decked out their shop with a bunch of Father’s Day gifts - Surprisingly, there are no socks. 🧦

We’ve seen all sorts of promo around normal gift cards on Toggle, but below, you’ll find links to a selection of our Toggler’s shops, so you can see how they're making great use of the upcoming national day. From branded products, merch, Father’s Day experiences, and running Father’s Day discounts or promotions on existing packages; these Togglers are all smashing it with their gifting sales! 🙌


- Ego Mediterranean Restaurants

- Zizzi Restaurants

- Brewhouse & Kitchen’s branded up gift cards and experiences

- Urban Guild

- Coal Kitchen


- Sixes Social Cricket

- Shepherd Neame Ltd are running a ‘Father’s Day gift card with a free £5 Pint’

- Zizzi’s are running a general Father’s Day promo

- South Street Kitchen are running a Father’s Day promo:

- Ego Mediterranean will be running a Father’s Day flash sale

- eat the bird will be running a Father’s Day Promo

-Bear are running a £5 off their £30 gift card:

And finally, who can ignore our Binley Mega Chippy shop we made to show them what they could be selling.

Check out our last blog: a guide for how to smash Father’s Day here !

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