August 9, 2021

Do More With Limited Availability

Do More With Limited Availability

We recently launched a new feature on Toggle and well, we couldn’t find a better name, so here it is: Limited Availability Experiences. This allows you to, rather unsurprisingly, limit the amount of a particular experience that is available for sale. We’ve already got an Academy article about it that tells you how it works and how to use it, but the Toggle blog is no place for such mundane chat - we’re here to talk about exciting things, like why you’d use it, and how you’d use it to sell more stuff. Trust us, it’s a neat little marketing tool.

You stay in complete control

So many experiences, so little time? Depending on what you’re offering, experiences can take a bit of an operational workload. Take a brewery tour, for example. There are only so many hours in a day and so many members of staff. You know your business the best and you know what you can handle. Limiting the initial amount available for purchase makes this much easier so you don’t end up under-delivering.

Be smarter with your experiences

Limiting the number available actually opens up a load of opportunities. Say you’ve got a cafe, and Mother’s Day is coming up. Sticking a Mother’s Day meal experience on Toggle in the month preceding is a fantastic idea. Top marks. However, there’s a limit to how many you can handle on the day. Cue limited availability. You might only be able to handle 50 of them, so set the limit to 50.

Create a sense of urgency

Taking the Mother’s Day example, with Toggle, you have the option of displaying the number of remaining experiences available to customers visiting the webshop. And there it is, a little piece of marketing gold. Only 5 of them left?! Well, I better get it now. If you don’t want availability showing to the customer all the time, you can even choose at what number of remaining items it will appear - particularly useful if you’ve got loads of them left, we wouldn't want people knowing that now would we?

Peace of mind

Putting a limit on like this gives you and your team peace of mind that you’re not going to sell yourself into an operational nightmare. Granted, there are worse problems than overselling, but using this lets you test the waters with a new experience, letting you make sure that you can deliver it in an exceptional way. If it all goes well, you can just increase the limit.

Add something physical

If your experience would be just that bit snazzier with a little gift on arrival or a thank you something when leaving, you no longer have to worry about stock levels. Match the availability of the experience to your stock levels - worries over.

‘We’ve sold out’, but now ‘it’s back’

There’s power in letting something sell out, rather than having it perpetually available. It gives you that opportunity to say ‘we’ve sold out! But we’ll be releasing more soon, keep an eye out’. It shows that there’s a demand to the customer (so it must be good?!) and keeps them more alert and time-sensitive.So there it is. Limited Availability Experiences and all its wonderful benefits. Hopefully, this has sparked some ideas as to how you could use it for your own business. Give it a whirl, test things out, see what works for you.