#ComeBackStrong Masterclass: Unlocking the Power of B2B Customers for Hospitality

March 11, 2021

During the past year the hospitality sector has needed to look at new and innovative ways to make sales and maintain business. In 2020 Tillo processed £2.3 million worth of sales for hospitality businesses to B2B audiences with an average value of £40 per gift card. These sales range from staff incentives to reward schemes, where companies are rewarding staff with food, drink, and hospitality gift cards. With the world of corporate work, and life as we know it permanently transformed, what can the hospitality industry do to get in front of a B2B audience?  

This session is presented by Alex Preece, COO at Tillo and will allow you to:
* Understand the scale of the opportunity that reward and incentives programmes in the B2B space represent for the hospitality industry
* Learn how to unlock the potential of corporate gifting as an additional revenue stream in order to drive sales and brand awareness
* See how Tillo support the hospitality industry across the UK, generating millions of £s of revenue through gift cards in the corporate sector

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