#ComeBackStrong Masterclass: How branded games can drive engagement and loyalty in hospitality

April 22, 2021

🕹️ Since March 2020, the mobile gaming audience in the UK has grown by 50% – that’s 8.6M new gamers. Find out why some of the biggest global brands are including games in their marketing mix and how they can help hospitality come back strong.

Presented by Cari Kirby, Marketing Manager at Peek & Poke, the webinar provides insights into:

* The games industry and why you need to be paying attention to it

* How games can fit into your marketing strategy to drive engagement, acquisition and loyalty

* Tips and tricks on getting the best results from a game campaign on a budget. 

👉 Find out more about the #ComeBackStrong campaign here: www.usetoggle.com/come-back-strong

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