March 6, 2023

Coffee and Toggle? The Ultimate Energy Duo For Hospitality Marketing

Coffee and Toggle? The Ultimate Energy Duo For Hospitality Marketing

200 Degrees joined Toggle back in November 2022 and, by the looks of their uplift, it seems that they've been doing an espresso shot between every gift card sale. A 61% sales increase across their entire gifting operation in December compared to the previous year is something truly spectacular. 

200 Degrees have proven that gift cards are a brilliant revenue stream, but that they also work as a problem-solving lifeline. Here is how Toggle has brought in both heaps of revenue and helped lift the weight of tech-related difficulties from 200 Degree’s shoulders: 

Wear your cards on your sleeve. 

We believe that operators should be wearing their cards on their sleeves. 

By this, we mean that they should be proud of the gift cards they’re selling. Screaming about them from the rooftops. Putting up a billboard on the moon about them. Getting their team tattoos of the gift card design on their forearm. The pride should know no end. 

200 Degrees allowed us to design and manufacture their physical gift cards. Since they have been displaying these in-venue, they’ve seen HUGE in-store sales growth. In December 2022 vs December 2021, their in store gift card sales were up by a whopping 187%. One thing we’ve learnt at Toggle from our customers' success, is that making sure your gift cards are impossible to miss really drives more sales. 

Displaying Toggle gift cards in your venue is a guaranteed way to boost your physical gifting sales. Though for 200, it also meant that the in-venue teams we’re more enthusiastic when it came to selling them, because not only did the cards: 

1) Look nicer 

2) But they also meant less faff… (that brings us on to our next point). 

Less faff for your staff 

Pre-Toggle, a 200 Degrees shop Team Member would sell a gift card in-venue, but they  would have to call the office, for them to then set up a code on Shopify and provide them with the discount code to write on the voucher. Even writing that sentence was exhausting. 

There’s a few reasons that this process could strain a team and business: 

1) There’s no ability for customers to check the balance 

2) It’s a long, fiddly, complicated process, that could result in the loss of a sale 

3) It’s a time consuming process for an in-venue staff member to have to juggle alongside service. 

200 Degrees’ efficiency losses are no more. With Toggle, they can keep up with their undeniable demand, and make sure that all their sales are as seamless and simple as the last.

Digital gift cards don’t go on strike 

Topical, but it does illustrate the benefit of selling digital cards. 

200 Degrees are using Toggle to distribute and manage their digital gift cards. We deliver the email, with everything the customer needs including the ability to add the digital card to their Apple Wallet, with no delays! 

The success of their digital gifting campaign came thanks to the consistency and accessibility of digital cards, no matter the changing variables (that we’ve all felt the wrath of over the last two years), digital cards can stand the test of time! 

Experiences fulfilled 

If you go to 200 Degrees’ Toggle webshop, you’ll see how they have a ‘basic barista class’ or a ‘home brew’ session up for grabs. 

When a customer buys one of these, they can use the gift card to redeem an experience via the 200 Degrees Shopify webstore. This integration has truly changed the way that 200 Degrees run their experiences, allowing someone to gift an experience with no complications. 

Giving experiences has become the norm in the last two years, so this development has really brought 200 Degrees’ gifting operation into the present day. 

‘True wealth is when you make money whilst you’re sleeping’ - Someone saying something not true, but it fits what we want to say next 

Gates, Buffet, Bezos: step aside. There’s a new money making mogul - and their name is 200. An old billionaire proverb is that ‘true wealth is when you make money whilst you’re sleeping’. 

Well, this is a notion that 200 Degrees have managed to tap into. Although every single one of their venues was closed on December 25th: they still managed to make 6 sales. Though it doesn't sound a lot: consider it in reverse. without Toggle, this would have meant: 

6 less sales. 

6 less satisfied customers. 

6 more revenue bumps happening in their competitors wallets. 

6 less mouths, spreading the word about their brand 

And 6 last minute gifts that never existed. 

Our tech is just the enabler. 

Really, the tech wizardry comes from the minds over at 200 Degrees, who have used our platform with such operational magic that they’ve managed to cast a spell of revenue that'll no doubt make the cost of our platform look like a drop in the ocean. 

200 Degree’s very own Marketing Manager Siobhan Lloyd, has said, 

“Toggle has been a gamechanger for us. The customer and staff experience of our gift cards is something we’d been wanting to improve for a while, we just didn’t quite know how. We wanted something that would link our e-commerce site and shops together. The fact that our Toggle gift cards can work in both places has helped us to move towards our ultimate goal of a cohesive ecosystem, allowing our customers to be seamlessly recognised and rewarded across our shops, barista schools, wholesale and e-commerce. Alongside this, the cards look far better, plus the process of uploading credit is a lot simpler than what we had previously, making it more attractive for both our team and our customers. The Toggle team have been incredibly helpful and we’re excited to see how we can best utilise their upcoming developments.” 

Big shout to the team over at 200 Degrees! We can’t wait to see what you do next!