February 2, 2024

Black Friday Frenzy: Parogon Group increased sales by how much?!

Black Friday Frenzy: Parogon Group increased sales by how much?!
Black Friday 2023: How Parogon Group boosted sales and brand awareness

Ever wondered how a sprinkle of marketing mojo can turn the tables for a hospitality brand? Well, we’re here to spill the beans on how Parogon Group, restaurateurs with spots all over Shropshire, Staffordshire, and Cheshire, smashed their Black Friday and festive sales in 2023.

Enter Matt Cheadle, the brains behind the Black Friday campaign at Parogon Group. The aim? Increase sales from 2022 and boost brand awareness; Matt got to work and certainly did not disappoint!

Here are the five savvy moves that catapulted Parogon Group into the spotlight:

Increased physical presence

For 2023, Parogon Group threw physical gift cards into the mix, distributing them across all of their venues. They designed some eye-catching table talkers, an intricate email campaign, and some creative social media assets did their thing. No frills, just a few easy marketing techniques.

More locations to redeem

Rather than being site specific, the campaign also allowed the user to redeem all or part of the value in any Parogon restaurants, assisting with raising brand awareness of each restaurant the group operates, and enhancing the reasons for customers to purchase a gift card!

20% added value

Instead of a conventional 10% discount, Parogon Group opted for our recommended sweet spot of a 20% added value on Toggle gift cards. That little extra oomph really works wonders when it comes to how your customer perceives the worth of your promotion!

Extended promotion period

Unlike the sprint from last year, Parogon Group turned it into a marathon. Promotions ran from the 20th of November through Black Friday and Cyber Monday,  right through to Monday the 4th of December, giving as many people as possible the chance to engage with the brand and benefit from getting their hands on a Toggle gift card.

POS integration

Toggle cosies up with Parogon Group's POS, Tevalis, making it a breeze for customers to purchase and redeem their gift cards at the venues. Quick, easy, and no complications!

A few simple changes, with phenomenal results…

During this Black Friday frenzy, Parogon Group sold an incredible £428,782 of gift cards through their Toggle shop, marking an incredible increase of 527% compared to the same period in 2022. On average, that's £78 per head spent! There was even one purchase of £1,000, which translated into a gift card worth £1,200!

And here's the kicker – Black Friday didn't rain on their Christmas parade. Turns out, most folks snagging Toggle gift cards during Black Friday were treating themselves, not playing Secret Santa. Parogon's success story rolled on into December 2023, clocking over £390,000 in sales. Christmas Eve turned out to be their shining moment – we told you those last minute shoppers are valuable!

Ben Allison, Compliance and Projects Manager, said:

"Whenever we open a new venue there is an enormous amount of time spent on ensuring we are ready to serve our guests. Toggle is one of the partners we work with that makes the whole process so much easier. By simply typing four numbers into a portal we are live, and the new venue joins our other locations in selling and redeeming gift cards immediately!"

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