May 9, 2024

April's Pinch Punch

April's Pinch Punch

It’s the start of a brand new month and it’s that time when we take a look at how April went for us.

The team has been working at lightning speed and we are proud to present the likes of KONA Restaurant, Emily's Formby and Boxpark as our newest members of the Toggle clan 🤜🤛

After some onboarding magic (shoutout Cal and Ash!), Comptoir, Trafalgar Tavern, Malvern Inns, Dhabba, Updown Farmhouse, Frankie and Benny’s, Reddington Pub Co, Yalla Yalla and Pasture proudly unveiled some seriously slick web shops. Trust us, you've gotta see 'em to believe 'em!

🤑 April was a blockbuster hit, raking in a total of £2+ million across all our fantastic Togglers. A massive round of applause to everyone for their hard work!

👏  Frank levelled up from apprentice to full-fledged superstar in our customer success squad! 

And not only this, Grace, who you might recognise from our support team, has officially joined our marketing crew as a full-time Marketing Executive!🌟

🧠 This month, our Head of Commercial, Luci, knocked it out of the park by hosting a webinar with our friends over at Feed it Back. She spilt the teas on how to leverage both Airship and Toggle to distribute incentive vouchers effectively through Feed It Back. Curious? Dive into the juicy details right here from Luci and Feed It Back’s Head of Client Services, Lisa Campbell  👉

But wait, there’s more! Luci has also been nominated for the Miss Jones Group’s ‘Best Personality in the Hospitality Industry’ award! Voting is now closed and we’ve got everything crossed for her 🎊

⏰ Just a little heads up… Father’s Day is next month and we don’t want you to miss out on securing some physical gift cards. To make sure you’re grabbing this opportunity with both hands, make sure you get your print orders in with the team by Monday the 13th of May! 

With two bank holidays, Eurovision, National Tea Day (Afternoon Tea is the best-selling experience for our Togglers!) we have a feeling that May will be the biggest month yet this year!