May 3, 2022

April's Pinch Punch

April's Pinch Punch

We started calling it ‘Ayyyyy-pril’ here at Airship and Toggle, because of how much we have to celebrate 🥳

We truly have a Spring in our step with what we achieved in the last month! Here are just a few things:

📍 We welcomed another 47 hospitality locations to Airship & Toggle last month, including CALLOOH CALLAY GROUP, Little Bat & The Duchess of Dalston, Common & Co, East London Pub Co. , The Piano Works, TOLTECA and Flesh & Buns. All of this is while our existing customers are smashing it and adding new venues; including Vagabond, Mission Mars, Livelyhood Pub Group, Davy's of London, LANE7 LTD, Ego Mediterranean Restaurants, Rosa's Thai, Cubitt House Ltd , Megan's Restaurants & many more.

📍 We also saw 15 new customers complete their onboarding and go live, including Cafe Rouge, Truman's Brewery, Tattu Restaurants, Everards Brewery Ltd and THE CHELSEA PIG LIMITED.

📍 We had our second Airship Customer Product Panel, inviting half a dozen Airship and Toggle customers to spend a day in our offices - discussing our roadmap for evolving our hospitality CRM product this year & taking on board as much feedback as possible to ensure we focus on the right things. Big thanks to those that attended!

📍 We seemed to be jetting off all over the place on various holidays… although a lot of them seemed to end up in Lisbon, Portugal at the same time… Sam’s paranoid there was some sort of staff party that he wasn’t invited to.

📍 Our very own Sam Brown spoke at the Made for Marketing conference, discussing what to expect from your hospitality CRM. Thank you again, Victoria Searl, Chris Fletcher, and Kieron “The Boy” Bailey for inviting us.

📍 Running over 30 customer MOTs to make sure that they are getting the most out of the platform, and allowing us to simply highlight the areas where there could be a lot more output, with minimal extra input.

📍 We had a FULL company get together, discussing the future of Airship, and then visiting our customers at Golf Fang and Ego Mediterranean as a full team. Lots of fun-induced hangovers!

📍 We are powered by our partners, that’s why we spent the month of April levelling up. We integrated with the likes of: Comtrex, Mr Yum, Slerp, Speedster IT - Expert IT Support, Snaparazzi, 5loyalty, Kurve and Langley Compass Group in order to make our platforms seamless, stronger and effective!

📍 There is nothing quite like seeing your lovely faces up close and personal. We attended Made for Marketing and HOSTECH this month! Woohoo!

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